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C U L T U R E I I I ~ N I N E T E E N💰 #birthdaydrip || 📸 ~ @drewbooth


If the rain could stop yea that would be nice


@samdanglebyrd post-dinner. Gus and I were taking a stroll. 😅 #BeechHousePa #modernarchitecture @kokoarchitecture


Wedding time! #battmanandwife


Happy campers


🐍Salazar Slytherin is said to be one of the greatest wizards of his age, with extensive abilities, particularly in Legilimency. When considering sorting a student into Slytherin, the Sorting Hat looks for Slytherin's traits in the student, including cunning, determination, ambition, and resourcefulness.🐍 △⃒⃘ ⚯͛ This duel serpent and malachite pendant was made to represent Slytherin’s signature house color and mascot. He will be available in my upcoming ‘Mischief Managed’ Collection scheduled to release Friday August 24th at 7pm EST ⚡️ • • • • • • • #electroformed #electroformedjewelry #electroforming #copper #copperjewelry #crystals #crystal #crystalhealing #crystaljewelry #magic #witch #witchesofinstagram #witchy #wicca #metaphysical #loveandlight #shopsmall #handmade #handmadejewelry #femaleowned #crueltyfree #harrypotter #slytherin #malachite


Little Lou 💗✨Absolute unconditional love 💗✨


They ask me what I’m training for, I giggle and explain that I’m not currently prepping, and I’m just doing this for me. That’s a sufficient answer, and they go along their way. In reality, I refuse to take multiple trips to and from the car unloading the groceries 😜 Thank you for catching my quirks in pictures Mighty Mom 💕


The largest #chanterelle / #Cantharellus species that is #cibarius-like (not including #smoothChanterelles / #Cantharelluslateriteus , which seem to be the largest east coast north american chanterelle species) that I have ever seen locally in #ChesterCounty #Pennsylvania associated with possibly oak, hickory, beech and American hornbeam. It’s very similar in appearance to the European #cantharelluscibarius but #nochantsinhell because really that species is different than this species amongst many tens of other species found in North America that is regularly misnamed as cibarius in textbooks and online resources. Probably another undescribed species of #wildmushrooms #gnomeSayin? Also it’s been slightly filtered 🤥




Just felt like posting these cause I liked them of me


Alright guys, it’s finally time. On Thursday I will be leaving to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Vietnam 🇻🇳That means, no media, no phone, and rigorous study of the Vietnamese language. The extent to my communication will be checking and sending emails once a week. So, if you want to get on that weekly email list about my experiences there comment, text, or message me your email. I am so thankful for this opportunity and I know that Jesus Christ is my savior. Remember, if we take one step toward God, he will come running to us.


#leopardslugs are all over at work, due to the rain. #hermaphrodite


[Documenting the journey] . Sunday August 19th. Walked out the front door at 4:55pm with 16 miles on the agenda, the same walk/route as two weeks ago, but this time under very different conditions. . The last several weeks have had a fair share of training walks in the rain but most of those were 5-6 milers. . As I was leaving today I flashed back to a conversation with my dad from several years ago when he reminded me, "son, there are going to be plenty of times when you're going to have to do things you don't really want to do." . The first 8 miles were in a very, steady rain. I was dry from the waist up, but had elected to forgo rain pants. After 9 miles my feet, legs and shorts were wet enough that some cold set in and I started to tighten up faster than I normally would. . After 11 miles darkness had set in. At the same time, every annoying ache/pain that had popped up at various points in previous walks, all seemed to show up at once. It's at that point the rain is the least of your worries, its your mind that you have to battle. My right shin got uncomfortable enough that I basically gimped home the last 4 miles. . I recently watched a video by @billyyangfilms that opened with the Ken Chlouber quote, "Make friends with pain and you'll never be alone." . Tonight's "pain" is nothing like what the 100 miler will be. No matter how much or how long I train or how ready I think I might be, there's nothing that simulates 4 straight days of 25 miles on roads from Philly to Harrisburg where anything can go wrong - until you actually do it. . But in the meantime, if you're willing to have a taste of #EmbraceTheSuck today, you'll be able to overcome more than you ever thought possible later. . Two weeks ago, this 16 miles on a hot, sunny day took 4 hours and 30 mins. Tonight, in the rain and the latter half in darkness with a gimp, 4 hours and 27 mins. Take it and... . Just Keep Walking. . #PatWalksForTheKids