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Of horse I had to get a picture with sweet Lady


friday feels 💪🏼 you made it- have a great weekend, gang!


Happy summer solstice.


never been so happy


Happy Fathers Day to my late dad Jake. You lived a big, love filled life. I think about our long phone conversations all the time and I miss you everyday.


This will do. • • • • • • • #hazleybuilders #custombuilt #bathroomdesign #chestercounty


Finally got myself showered and dressed for the day. I guess I’m officially on #vacationtime. Old Navy tanks are always my go-to for casual summer days, and I love the subtle tone on tone pattern on this one. Everything I’m wearing is linked in my bio. #shopthelook #summerstyle #ootd @shopstyle


I’m not sharing this to bash myself in the left picture but to show you all that sometimes we do fail miserably and that’s okay. Throughout my first three years of college I was in great shape, exercised regularly and made my health a priority. A series of unfortunate events occurred going into my senior year which resulted in me going to unhealthy coping mechanisms including binge eating to “manage” the heart ache I was feeling. Eventually the weight started coming on and before I knew it I had gained 25-30lbs. I was so ashamed of myself to the point where I didn’t want to look at photos of me or take any of myself. After all, being an advocate for fitness and doing my best to empower other women to not let a break up or anyone bring them down at the time and then not even embodying my own advice.. I felt like such a hypocrite. I felt like I was living a lie. I was in a place of immense pain and felt like I had no where to go. It wasn’t until I graduated college and was removed from that environment, and went into the police academy that I truly had an awakening. This new journey started off with me having the mind set of simply meeting the fitness standards/requirements throughout the academy in order to pass to now me falling in love with power lifting and finding myself again. You see, sometimes we need to hit rock bottom before we can build ourselves back up. During that year of pain I kept questioning myself and God, wondering why I was being put through what I was. Now I look back and realize that God was blessing me with that situation. If it weren’t for that pain I endured I would’ve never been where I am today using my social media as a platform to help inspire others to be the best versions of themselves. It’s also helped prepare me for my future law enforcement career and fueling my desire for accomplishing all of my dreams. If you’re going through a state of transitioning like I was, don’t forget to take a deep breath and show yourself some compassion. Also go to your close friends and family about what you’re feeling. We are only human and aren’t meant to deal with pain/heart ache alone. You matter and you are important.


We’re here. Come visit ~ find some #rainydayreads #lfl19330 #comonin #cochranvillepa


Different season, same Rover // #filmsnotdead


Open House Sunday 12-2 at 927 Bridle Ln, West Chester #openhouse #realestate #westchesterpa via @RiplApp




✨It’s officially summer and my birthday is tomorrow!!! Life is good.✨ • • Find these babies on my Etsy store. Shop link in bio. • • #hawkcouture


Goal oriented. You should try it......


Here’s a pic of me and my parents new cat now peep my soundcloud in the bio added 3 new songs this week 🔥🔥🔥🔥


With my big sister @sweetanniefu


@breanahair_prive on site putting the final touches on this stunning bridal updo 👌