HiFi Clyde's Chattanooga Photos on Instagram

122 W Main St Chattanooga, Tennessee - Places nearby

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we'll be providing the tunes for tonight at Clyde's at 10pm. bring a pal


uh huh honey💛


Snap from our super quick trip to Chattanooga for the ghostland observatory show. #selfie #friends


Happy bday Josh #clydes


Chattanooga here we come!! @clydesonmain tonight at 10! Photo:@kirkwestphotography


Tonight at Clyde’s w/ the great @thedanieldonato!


HAPPY BDAY to this stud muffin I get to call my best friend. I hope you had the best day ever. You are the greatest!! I love you XOXO 💓💓💓 (lol @ these throwbacks)


Let’s Roll 🙃 • • • • • ✨I’ve always had the state of mind that clothes are just clothes and society has just structured them into what men and women should wear in a “normal” society. Well I’m here to do the exact opposite. I want to fuse the two together, mixing women’s silhouettes with men’s and making them work as a way to express myself. After all, clothes are just that...clothes. Welcome to my new page @styleandrogyny !! I will be mixing makeup in as well and hope to make a future styling people and giving them a full head to toe look in my community and even on the world stage. Whether or not you decide to join, I’m just gonna keep on rollin’ ✨ 📸: @jordanashleybee


S/o to 2017 for setting the bar extra low for 2018


Always good seeing my battle buddy @seedennis27