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This fan handed me a bracelet for our song “Lightning” right in the middle of us playing it...It means the world to see people being effected by our music, especially a song like “Lightning” given how special it is to us having worked with John Rzeznik. Not only that, but the fact that the random camera guy took this photo at the exact time she was handing it to me while the lyrics to the song are in the background made such a magical moment...we just want to say how much we love all of you that support our music from the bottom of our hearts. You are the reason for everything. #AllMyLove #bigbeatrecords (📸: @jonathankohlwey)


Wedding 👰 🤴 Congratulations 🍾🎊🎈🎉


Heading to my first ever NFL game 💥👋🏼🏈 &&& even got my very own jersey hehehe def rooting for Denver Broncos tonight lesssgo!


Don't get involved with the ish, because we all with the ish. 😤😤😤 #MembersOnly


This is how I feel right now - on the right.


Nice warm welcome to Denver! Working on a large public art piece - actually my biggest piece ever!


Sometimes you have to protect the curls. 🙃 #mahoganycurls #wig #protectivestyles #issawig #naturalhair #naturalhaircommunity Wig : Beauty Supply Store. Lol! GoGo Collection - Style GI105 - Color 1B Lip Color 💄MAC Siss #maccosmetics


Limits begin where vision ends..... In order to succeed you have to be a no limits person. With this years injury to my arms I am still on the road to recovery, slowly ticking my way back to strong but that’s ok, it’s given me time to work on my mind & the rest of my body. Most people have perfectly healthy bodies & unhealthy minds with limiting beliefs. I refuse to be one of them and in fact I have gotten to where I am today because my vision has always been much stronger then my circumstances. No matter what challenges you face, never ever give up on yourselves. If you can see it, if you can believe it than you can achieve it. 📷 @nicoleroundy @teamusa @usparalympics #liveinspired #livebeyondlimits #wisdomwednesday


While your not re-upping your dank, re-up on some stickers. The link is in the header. 🌳💀🌳💀 #stickers #dank



Meet Aspen and Virgil! Aspen is a yellow lab and Virgil is a mix. They love living together and hanging out all day! They’re very sweet and love to go for walks together🐾


*clears throat* It's my birthday. Come to my thing. That is all. . #eventprofs #events #birthday #party #friday #chefslife #iloveme


Basic booty pic followed by an inspirational quote cuz bootys have feelings toooo😅 . . We all go through the same motions of life. We know what pain feels like just as much as happiness but our experiences don't define us. Someone took the same situation you're in, and won... just think bout dat🔮 . #allmydeepthoughtsinonesmallsentence #wowsodeep #sointellectual #lifequotes #mindsetiseverything #humpday . . . . . . . , #fit #fitness #fitchick #fitjourney #fitnessmotivation #gym #gymvideo #workout #workoutvideos #shelifts #womenthatlift #womenwholift #strongwomen #fitspire #vidasana #vidasaudavel #fitnessmodel #legoworkout #booty #bootybuilder #justdoit #leggings #mindset #thegoodquote


Professional interns by day, karaoke fiends by night


❤️❤️Aurora Police Strategic Response Team member Stephen Larsen, dressed as Ironman, reaches out to William Blevins,13, as he rappels from the rooftop of Children’s Hospital Colorado to surprise patients on October 17, 2017 in Aurora. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post) @rjsangosti#repost #denverpost #superheros Social Media is great to show the GREAT things! #love #childrenshospital


Eating breakfast on an early morning rope solo #banana #climbing


Mon-Sat 10-8pm Glory be to My Father that are in Heaven.!! Any Stylist looking to rent a Booth call me as well.. Tomorrow Special $$$ 11 for all mention the post please. 💈❤😉💈 #AuroraHopeComplex