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Piazzale Monte Bianco, 10 Courmayeur - Places nearby

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Start of the #CCC Who will be there in 2 months? 😱 #UTMB #Courmayeur


Some 300 meters up on Voie de Suisses.This is the place where you get the full exposure and where you find the main difficulties of this brilliant climb. @adidasterrex @petzl_official #highexposure #freesolo #unpocoloco #montblanc


Our second trip together✈️📸💘


This guy ❤️ We were crossing an ice bridge on the TMB yesterday after two especially tough days of hiking and Keith jumped out in front and started making a safe route for all of our attendees. He then offered his hand and helped everyone across the bridge. This was after cutting steps in the snow and countless other acts of selflessness and bravery. One of our attendees saw me watching him and she said, “Do you just fall in love with him more day after day?” It was as if she read my mind. “Yes, I do.” He’s a magnificent human. He gives up his seat at every turn, helps anyone in need, and gives unconditionally to his wife and family. I do love him deeply and I’m so thankful to be his wife. Michelle ❤️ @my1fitlifecoachkeith


happy father’s day❤️ you the man


What a beautiful morning.... #photooftheday #morning #way #italy #mountains


A quelli che resistono e tirano avanti... #lemiemontagne #igersvalledaosta #montebianco #


All the Way Up #montebianco


Lovely little Italian place in Courmayeur. Love the name. # #courmayeur #italialps #holidays #mel #runner