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I will miss you terribly Jon. It was a pleasure being able to share all these ridiculous moments with you and @bettydrapers_fatsuit over the years. I’m going through vine videos for an ultimate hard clappers comp but I can’t stop laugh-crying lookin at all of them. You were one of a kind and taught me how to be a better human by just being you. Rest easy brotha.


My ❤️ at the ”Complicado” listening. @AudriNix 📟 @212jerry


D’abord Manhattan, puis Brooklyn 😍


Goodbye room, goodbye late afternoon sunny hour, goodbye fire escape, goodbye trees that I can touch with my toes, goodbye door that slams, goodbye 4R, goodbye Brooklyn. I am lucky to have loved you. . . A weepy moment captured by @jakeorjohn


#modeloffduty today with @mimumaxi


my new ombré 🤠


You can think of our Outdoor Birthday Guide as a present for any and all of your friends with summer birthdays. They’ll thank you later (after their awesome parties). #EEEEEATS #InfatuationNYC


There is only one remaining...the elusive MAMA TRUVY. Mama to the adorable kittens I just rescued and to the other two cats I tnr’d, Spud and Annell. I have to get her before she’s pregnant, and if she’s already pregnant, she will be a spay abort. The cycle must end. I can’t even begin to explain the cat overpopulation. I could tnr 10 cats a day and for every one I fix, 10 more people will throw their intact cats out to start the cycle all over again. The gravity of this situation makes me so sad. From here on out, I will be focusing solely on tnr. I have exhausted all my resources at this point. I have no fosters. No adopters. No place to take more kittens. Literally all I can do is tnr at this point. It kills me that I have to leave friendlies on the street, but until more people step up to adopt I simply can’t take on anymore. No one has stepped up for Daisy. I even personally asked people. No one. This is the reality. But all I can do is all i can do. Please. Spay and neuter your pets. Tnr your own block. Tell your friends and family about the importance of spay and neuter. And send me good vibes as I try to trap this little minx! #tnr #sad #disappointed #reality #spayandneuter #cats #ilovecats #trying #struggling


You can find us all throughout NYC. We take JR w/ us #yesindeed #standwithjunior #hometeam