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Missin the laughs & weirdo selfie taking in Vietnam with these freaks @hgelbhgelb @samsjr @emmashley #letsgoback #plz #nam #palz 👯‍♀️🇻🇳👯‍♀️




Not ready to go home in a few days


Короче говоря, побывали мы в Далате - город построенный французами под свой лад. Архитектура-кайф! Мне очень понравилось. Еще побывала во всемирно известном Crazy House - тоже неплохо. Ну и покаталась на страусах🤪 Листайте ➡️➡️➡️ Такая вот выдалась у меня пятница🇻🇳


D A L A T 🙌🏻


And gourmet shoes for the pupper, please. Canon EOS 70D


cover me in embroidery silk pls 📷 @veritylakin


I love canyoning. The second photos is me canyoning for the first time last year. It was one of my favorite adventures in Vietnam so I had to go back. 🇻🇳 #vietnamlove #blackandabroad


16/05/2018-19/05/2018 Mui Ne, Vietnam 🇻🇳 19/05/2018-21/05/2018 Da Lat, Vietnam 🇻🇳 The reason why I don’t have any photos of Mui Ne is basically because there wasn’t that much to do there. I just stayed at a really cool hostel with a lot of amazing people, so that’s why I stayed there for three nights. The hostel is Mui Ne Hills Backpackers and it was $2 US per night. They had two pools and a pillow fight every day! I loved it. After Mui Ne I went to Da Lat. It’s in the mountains and the first thing I thought when we were driving in there was ‘oh, I’m going to end up in the middle of nowhere’. I was so wrong! There was a big city, a big night market and the maze bar! I went to the maze bar on my first night and I actually got lost in there for about two hours. It really is a maze! The second day I rented a scooter with a girl I traveled with for almost a week. We drove 89 km to the Boa Dai waterfall (third and fourth photo) and it was massive. It had rained the day before, so the water was a little muddy, but that’s okay. It was still beautiful. We got as close as the waterfall as we could, there were signs everywhere with ‘do not enter’ etc. and yet we still did. We had lunch on a rock directly in front of the waterfall. It felt magical. Afterwards we drove another 40km to go to the Thác Ponjour. That was definitely my favorite (first photo). It’s a gorgeous waterfall. Although I was, again, not allowed to climb up there. I still did. It was worth taking risks this day! Everything ended up being so extremely beautiful. In Da Lat I stayed at Solo DaLat Hostel, which was a pretty good hostel. It was $2.20 and it had breakfast and dinner included. Dinner was delicious! Breakfast was just toast and jam, but that’s good enough for me.


Week 20 in Da Lat 🇻🇳🌳⛰💒


Have you ever seen a lake this colour 😍 this place was definitely ‘off the beaten path’ after an hour motorbike and a crazy jeep ride.. but what a view.. 💙


An upscale resort, Swiss-Belresort is designed in an Anglo-Normad rural style and guarded by the surrounding scenic hills. It is in Dalat, Vietnam, which is like their version of Baguio City (Philippines), but only way better... at least in my opinion. 😘 So the cold weather paired to a grand hotel makes it the best escape for a truly relaxing stay. It was hard to pass up on their 54$ (3000.00Php) promo rate, and it was all worth it! 🤩 It’s new, and the beautiful view of the hills from the big room, the buffet breakfast, the outdoor pool, the weather and tranquil location are all great! Here are my #walanguwiantraveltips : 1. Explore the city center (night market everynight) and come back via their shuttle service (last ride is 9:30pm) bringing back some red wine 2. Prepare your tummy for their buffet breakfast, best to get up early 3. Enjoy and savor both your free Highlands Coffee and the fantastic view right in your own balcony 4. At night relax some more by taking a warm bubble bath in the huge tab 5. Drink up until last drop the wine you’ve brought with you All in all, it’s not fair to simply sum up the experience as value for money (again, for just 3000.00Php), because it was so much more. And yes, I am coming back real soon! Many more times. 😆 (More in first comment) #walanguwianhochiminh #walanguwiantraveltips #hochiminhcity #hochiminh #saigon #hotels #accommodation #hotelreviews #travel #travellingram #travelstoke #vietnam #backpacker #backpackers #southeastasia #solotravel #traveltips #accommodation #review #viaje #backpacking #wanderlust #travellingthroughtheworld #instatravel #instatravelling #backpackingasia #instagramers #traveldiary #digitalnomad #vacation #vacationmode


Statue of Golden Buddha


Terrified of cliff jumping but still clearing rock faces 😉


Traveling is about finding those things you never knew you were looking for! ❤️ #NeneLiveInDaLat #NeneLiveInVietnam #NeneTheTraveller #nenethetraveller2018


Chasing Waterfalls 🇻🇳