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Rookie dress up 👶 🍼😂


#Repost @kris_paronto_tanto ・・・ Some say Benghazi is a conspiracy perpetrated by the Right. The one’s that say that are a disgrace to this great nation and to those that have sacrificed their lives to keep this country safe. That being said, I took this picture in Tripoli, Libya 🇱🇾 on the evening of 09/12/2012 after we loaded up the Flag 🇺🇸 draped coffins of my fallen Teammates, Rone & Bub and Sean Smith on the first US aircraft we saw since the fighting had started at approximately 2132 in Benghazi the night prior and before loading a similar flag draped coffin of Ambassador Christopher Stevens on that C17. My fallen teammates are heroes and should be honored as such along with Sean and the Ambassador. So as cowardly politicians and pundits try to change history by calling Benghazi a conspiracy, please remember those GRS operatives on the ground who fought alongside each other without hesitation, without fear and Never Gave Up so others would make it home. Please give a second to honor those that showed what American Patriotism, Courage and honor are by sacrificing everything to save over 30 lives even when our own country and the narcissists in charge didn’t raise a finger to help. With all that happened 6 years ago and all the sick politicians that still will not take responsibility for their failures & lies which led to the deaths, I still find myself so blessed to have been able to fight alongside a team of Warriors who epitomized the Warrior Ethos and the American Spirit. God Bless you all on this day of remembrance and God Bless Warrior Angels Rone and Bub. Rest Easy Brothers. #alwaysmoveforward #tig #13hours #johntiegen 🤙🏼🇺🇸. #silverlining #patriotism #honor #courage #bravery #rone #bub #sacrifice #navyseals #marines #rangers #allgavesomesomegaveall #standfortheflag #lltb #benghazi #libya #09112012 #tanto #rltw #therangerway #john1513 #neverquit #warriorethos @foxnews @cnn @msnbc @nytimes @navysealfrogmen @barackobama @hillaryclinton @realdonaldtrump @donaldjtrumpjr @washingtonpost @twitter @13hoursmovie @db_boon @morgantiming @kaepernick7


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I have flown over a million miles over many years. Tonight was a first. Headed home from a business trip today, the pilot informs our flight that we are escorting home a fallen US Military soldier. The water cannons (and the rainbow) were to honor the soldier. As we landed in Miami, I looked out the window and was overcome with emotion (and tears) as that soldier was met on the tarmac by a Military salute and from what I gathered the family of the fallen. We were witnessing a homecoming. I don’t know your name, I don’t know where you are from, but I am forever grateful for your sacrifice and the sacrifices of all our military and their families. You protect our freedoms with great courage. Returning home took on a much deeper meaning for me today. #thankyouforyourservice #godblessourtroops #forevergrateful


I’m back! Dreamliner was awesome. Video soon though not about the airplane ;-) • Sony RX100 VI #bealpha #sonyrx100 #sonyrx100vi #earthoffical #dfw # #dfwairport #dreamliner #boeing787 #shadowhunters #sillhouette #bigassairplane @boeing @sonyalpha


casual Wednesday’s 🤷🏻‍♂️👶🏽


We’re coming for you Venice 🇮🇹 #RebelInVenice #RebelModels #RebelLevel #rebelagainstbullying #CantWait


bye dallas




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🇯🇲...☁️✈️🇯🇵 . On my way back to Japan . . . . . Thank you for all who shared some lovely time with me in Jamaica🇯🇲🙏🏽✨ Already miss you all but wanna say see you soon😍✨ . . 今回も早々とジャマイカ滞在終了しますた😭 毎日楽しかったのと、自分とジャマイカやダンスホールシーンに新しい発見がたくさんあったのと、やっぱりいつも思うけど、国が違っても人と人との繋がりを大事にできる人達が多い分、思い出もひとしお☺️❤️ 書きたいこともupしてない写真や動画もあるからまたちょこちょこします🐣 . 今回も家族や職場、仲間のサポートがあって来れたことを感謝します🙏🏽🌟 それにしても私の帰国用の唯一の長袖が紛失しててドキドキしている🙃←なんならまだサンダル . . #はるきえジャマイカの旅 #2018 #終了のお知らせ


Had to kick a freestyle because the bathroom music was so jazzy.. Me and Mork been cooling all day 💯