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1030 is in the books and I just wanna thank @spsgym and the staff for showing mad love this weekend!!! I love what I do this was the easiest 1030 I ever did!!! So if you are in Columbus for the Arnold plz come check us out bcuz we are going to put on a show!!! God gets all the Glory.i got the opportunity to be apart of something special along side THE GOAT @trackfu im.still in awe she almost 40 and still hitting on all cylinders... Like I said I'm so so blessed that I had the opportunity to do this!!! It's Money Time @sbd.usa @eleikousa


Travel jewelry: it's wise to wear things that look fabulous and don't annoy TSA. Wood skateboard jewelry by @taralocklear


The takeover begins...


Australia here we come!!


FINALLY!!! Moving and next stop is #Lubbock. Ready to be 🏠 #travel #americanairlinessucks #americanairlines #dfw #letsgetthehellouttahere


#dallas #vegas




I ain't never traveled so much in one day lmao I'm tired


So far a total of four hours of delays today... but I have the essentials #smut #outlet #subway


Dinner at our work event tonight... we started with a small cup of delicious apple butternut squash bisque (tracked as 5sp) and then I had chicken and mashed potatoes (tracked as 2sp for the chicken cause i didn’t eat the skin, but oil and 3sp for part of the mashed potatoes i ate) and I had a roll for 5sp. And a glass of white white for 5sp. Y’all, the staff here was nice enough to let me customize my plate! They left all the veggies off 😂 I’m so extra! They also left me a basket of goodies in my room - I love this place! Lol.