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3158 SE Division St. Beaverton, Oregon - Places nearby

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I’m not over caffeinated, YOU’RE OVER CAFFEINATED.


You guys. I’ve been grappling with how much to share and consume on social media and the internet over the last year or so. While I’ve found some peace not keeping up with the daily grind, I am missing the gorgeous insta community I’ve found on here. But sometimes not posting for a long time makes it harder to know what to say & the more I stay off my phone, the more of a legitimate hermit I become. I hope to find the nerve to start sharing on the regular again...so here I am peaking out and posting the most camera shy picture from my current show at Dapper & Wise on SE Division here in Portland - up from November to the end of December 🤦🏼‍♀️


Layering for this cold weather. Feel like it got instantly cold here in Portland and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Got these @reformation blue jeans last week and I am OBSESSED. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair for years and I struggle so much with sizing on light denim, but these are comfy and stretchy but still hold shape so well ✨ these are size 28 for reference and once I get a good belt, they’ll be the perfect fit!


We are December’s featured roaster for the @lamarzoccohome espresso subscription — coinciding with our residence at the @lamarzoccocafe in Seattle, which starts one week from today! Sign up with them by December 1 to get these two delicious coffees delivered to your door 😎


Dapper & Wise - my favorite coffee ever ☕


You know... It's Thursday. #thurstythursday #portlandboudoir #pdx #fitness #darbooty


The end of the beginning... cheers 🍻 to new beginnings!! // #coffeecommunity #coffeelab #dapperandwise #nationalcoffeeday


Meet Kim. She's a barista at Dapper & Wise Roasters--the South East Division shop. She's originally from Saint Louis, Missouri, but on a trip to Portland one summer, she fell in love with the city that she packed her car and moved there. While in Missouri, she worked at Starbucks for four years. She brought her coffee knowledge and experience to work with specialty coffee at Dapper and Wise Roasters. "There is really good coffee here." Her favorite roast is the one they are serving now. It's an Ethiopian natural wash: Ethiopia Reko Koba. She enjoys the fruitier coffee because they're usually full of surprises. From our short conversation, her excitement of surprises makes sense, it fits her personality. Kim likes to work with coffee because she likes connecting with people. In Missouri, she was studying to become a teacher because she also likes to work with kids. She's currently continuing her education here also. "Figuring out what you want to do forever is not the easiest task." She's learning to take things day by day instead of planning for the future. We wish her the best and many cheers to great cups of coffee in Portland. #dapperandwise #portland #pdx #postthepeople #thepeoplescolumn


Our birthday party is this Thursday and you are invited! Free gelato, free beer, and all $$ raised goes to Guatemala volcano relief. Want to compete? We’ll have four spots available at the door at 7pm. See you then 😘


happy holidays kiddos 🌲🍂


Why move to roasting on your own when you’re running a successful multi-roaster coffee shop? For @dapperandwise, it is one more step on a journey, another way to deepen their relationships. “We started getting quite a bit of feedback and kind of a longing from our customer base. They were looking for more information, more traceability, more connection to the coffee. Now, us being a wholesale customer, we didn’t have as much of that translated information that we could give and so that’s kind of what prompted us to move forward into being our own roaster. We took that leap, that was in 2013. We put a lot of the control into our own … 🤘🏼👌🏽🖐🏼.” Episode link in profile! _ #dapperandwise #unpackingcoffee #coffeeroaster #portlandroaster #Hillsboro #roasterinresidence #lamarzoccocafe #GrahmDoughty #EvanAldrete #InsomniaCoffee


Dapper & Wise ....origin of Insomnia coffee 😌☕️ such nice oncall coffee!! #coffeelover #portlandoregon #portandfoodie #portlandcoffee #dapperandwise #dapperandwiseroasters #dapperandwisecoffee #latte #creamylatte @dapperandwise


#DapperAndWise is my jam. Been buying their coffee for years now, even when I was living in Phoenix! Love stopping by the Division street shop to get some work done and drink a latte! #amaroeats PORTLAND | @dapperandwise


Coffee and adventures ☕️❤️ #happybirthdaytoyou


NEW SHOW! Episode 66. Our year ender features @dapperandwise right here in the PDX suburbs. Join @GrahmDoughty and Evan Aldrete on a journey cultivating relationships, finding outstanding coffee, and reinvention. Episode link in profile! _ #dapperandwise #unpackingcoffee #coffeeroaster #portlandroaster #Hillsboro #roasterinresidence #lamarzoccocafe #GrahmDoughty #EvanAldrete #InsomniaCoffee


Had a great single origin Colombia espresso and bought a bag of Kenyan coffee at Dapper and Wise! #pdx #espresso #favoriteplace


It's nice to be in Portland and have the first coffee to touch my lips In a week be a artisinal, bespoke, nurtured in a holistic aura of tantric mindfulness till roasted and freshly ground to a perfect millimeter of life affirming ambrosia. I feel like a newborn godling.


Regarding our house-made pumpkin chai: we don’t like to toot our own horn, but then again horns were made to be tooted, so forgive us if we play a note or two. Is it the best pumpkin chai in the world? We didn’t say that, although we did write it down, and later we did say it out loud as well. Is it so good that it might inspire you to photograph it in what is very likely someone’s yard, right as they pull into the driveway? I can only tell you how it affected me, and that in these situations it is important to offer a congenial smile and act natural. Would one more rhetorical question make an even three, rounding out this post quite nicely? Yes. Yes it would.