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💫”Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open"✨... Albus Dumbledore . Photo by @maniktakesphotos


Just about to get my nails done, question is WHAT COLOUR?! Tee - @misspap 🔍30787


F40 Took this about 3 years ago now whilst at Donnighton Historic, looked in really nice condition. No matter where you are on the ladder guess we all have garage goals. My first garage goal was a Ford Capri 2.8 Injection. School lunch time sat outside the fish and chip shop, the owner had one parked down the side cobolt blue with pepper pot alloys never forget it 😊 😍............... .. #ferrarif40 #f40 #classicferrari #ferrarilovers #ferrariclub #ferraris #ferrari458 #supercars #supercardriver #supercardaily700 #ferrarif50 #ferrari308 #ferrarif12 #iconiccars #ferrari275gtb #ferrari328 #ferrari348 #ferrari360 #ferrari430 #ferrari599 #ferrari458italia #ferrari488 #ferrari488gtb #ferrari488spider #ferrari458speciale #ferrarif40lm #ferrari308gts #ferrarif12tdf


Omg I fell in love with this colour!! A gorgeous teal/turquoisey rustic buttercream cake with silk flowers, macarons, chocolates and edible silver. Matching cupcakes in multi piped ombre design and silver edible balls. Ordered for a young lady turning 10. Hope you had a fab and happy birthday Sabba 😙 #homebakes_shaz #rusticcake #rusticbuttercream #tealbuttercream #silkflowers #macarons #chocolates #cake #cupcakes #ediblesilver #happybirthday #celebration #derby


Hellooooo! I'm still alive 🙋‍♀️ I can't believe I have only shared one photo on here this month, I think that is the least I've posted since I started using instagram! It's not that I haven't been getting out and about, I've had a few adventures this month to the likes of Oxford and London of which I will be sharing many a latergram (hope you don't mind! better late than never 🤣) The reason for my lack of presence is that I have been working my backside off during any spare time that I've had, on my blog. Changing servers, going self hosted, rebuilding my site, sorting out dreaded seo, writing a ton of new posts so I had some content scheduled to share with you all, a never ending list of things still yet to do..but it's at a point now where I am (extremely nervous) happy to share it with you all and would love to hear what you think ❤ Link in bio. . This is the beautiful Calke Abbey. It seems to have been my favourite spot of late and I keep ending up here! The weekend before last I met up with the super talented @bethannestagram for a chat and a coffee and we've got an exciting project up our sleeves - watch this space 😍 For anyone interested in taking a peek inside Calke, there is a post on my blog for more detail on this wonderful building. . Happy hump day everyone! 😊


خب حرفی حدیثی نموند کیسه کشا؟ حرف انتقام ک میزدین بهتون میگفتیم العین چیشد ،میگفتین ما دربی بیشتر بردیمتون اینم حقیقت دربی ها،مگه اینکه به نفعتون نباشه بخاین در برین سسشر تفت بدین مثل(دعوا بوده شما دعوا کردین و بازی دوستانه توی چهار برد پشت هم حساب نیس ولی توی آمار کلی حسابه،و تعداد جام های محلی و چارجانبه ای ک گرفتین) خلاصه کلا جایی ک به نفعتون نیس خودتونو میزنید ب نفهمی .. مغز فندقیا یه بازی های حذفی چون ضربات پنالتی رفته توی نتایج محاسبه نمیشه چون فیفا پنالتی رو محاسبه نمیکنه


Fuck gender norms @proud_apparel / @nathanbeatonphotography 💫 #tb


New hair, who dat? 🖤 I just wanted to feel brand new an thank you to @hairbyserafinagiacobbe I do - super patient/ knowledgeable/ fabulous ! She got exactly what I was after- much love xo #darkside #serafinagiacobbehair #newhair #byeblonde


Not quite sure what’s being said to me right here !? 😂. 📸: @richard_wilson_photography


Still hot !!! It's still 2for1 cocktails and the A6 is looking beautiful tonight #A6 #TAPAS #KEGWORTH #SUNNYDAY #STILLHOT #2for1cocktails #eastmidlandsairport #m1 #foodie


Some pretty shonky footage of a timed lap around the @doningtonpark demo track in the #mazda #mx5 at today’s #SpiritOfMazda event. Beautiful day for it! I managed to spin out on the first one which is apparently nearly impossible with the traction control on! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Really got to understand the #jinbaittai philosophy and it was a pleasure driving all the cars on show.


The sun was a good excuse not to do my uni work today☀️




MULTI TONED HI LITES⚡️ Created by Kelly using a mixed of colours to created this beautiful colours, check that SHINE out👌🏻