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if your compassion does not include compassion for self it is incomplete. i have been thinking a lot lately about how often i get in my own way and how easy it is for anyone else to do the same. tripping on the pebbles of random everyday disruptions like getting really angry when someone cuts you off in traffic or bad life patterns such as scrolling netflix for 25 minutes looking for something to watch, i mean if you really can’t find what you dig within the first few moments there is probably something more interesting you could do with your time right?! we all have little habits that we don’t want to face the truth about even when they are staring at us straight in the eyes. recently every night i have been going back through the events of my day to consider how it all went and asking myself is that me or is it what happened to me? we can’t control everything (nor should we) and trying to is a quick road to insanity, but how can each of us learn to feel better about our efforts without focussing on the failures? taking ownership over your life starts with you, having compassion for others starts with having compassion for yourself. take time to appreciate where you are and create clarity around where you are going! #yogaflow #yogapractice #yogavideo #yogaposes #yogateacher


I’m traveling on today but you know the drill. Normally I would say it louder however this woman was staring and looking me dead in my mouth!! Sheesh! So I’ll yell on hear...GET UP, WASH YO TAIL AND GET TO CHURCH!!! #gettochurchpeople


Rise Up. 🦅 #GameDay 📸: @yazoomotif


@buddylove242 wins it for the @sacramentokings in the Nike Kobe AD! #NBAKicks


When they say you peaked in college...


It’s so cold in The D!!! #fauxfur


At the end of the day....women pay to have these lips 👄 I didn’t have to #blessed


I’m available for your next campaign @cocacola! 🥤🥤 TAG @cocacola if you can relate! 🙌🏻 #detroit #classicelliana #thisisme #nevertakeyourselftooseriously😎


Trey, Logan and Matt from @Detroit mercy_mlax are honoring a 16 yr old young man named JP battling an extremely rare disease call Niemann Pic Type C aka “Youth Alzheimer’s” by playing this season in his name. Who do you play for? #themedicinegame


Watching sis and her dude play this game #jenga



Omg! All this hair!!!! Where did this come from?! Side note, what you do for flaky scalp? I’m struggling...😩


Patience is virtue! #travelwoes


Falling into this @_revok_ piece. Well done.


After a month and a half of no gym I found a new passion which consists of eating everything and anything that they put in front of me - - - #miss #weights #gym #discipline #commitment #fitness #breaks #are #good #comeback #insane #waitforit