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wow i cant believe we hit 100k views on our proposal video! its amazing how many hearts we warmed and how many people teared up from this special moment in our lives🙈


I can’t decide which part of the day was the most amazing from today: The Rosé I had from the Lasseter Family Winery or the fact that the walls are finally gone at the Hub, low crowds, and gorgeous weather! 🙌🏻💕😍🙌🏻 THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER AMAZING WEEKEND, DISNEYLAND! . @princepogiatdisney @disneyland . #instagram #travel #travelgram #dream #california #iphone #disneygram #home #waltdisneyworld #instapic #disneyparks #disneyland #monday


One of my goals for 2018 was to reach 1,000 subscribers on youtube by the end of this year. We posted our first video just 3 weeks ago, and today we hit 10,000 subscribers. That’s so crazy! Way past my goal, thank you 😭❤️ • • Feel free to comment video suggestions!


HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. 💛✨ • #dayoff #california #disneyland #feltlikeaprincess


if yall nvr seen monsters university im in it as 'stressed chunti ass student'/'extra'


I guess you can say our 24 hour turnaround trip to Disneyland was successful 💙 . . . . Soooo happy I was able to get my hands on this beautiful Otterbox phone case! I love it because it’s not bulky like other Otterbox cases & it has my second home on it. 😍


This is what I feel whenever I’m at the parks. I feel like I’m on vacation, I do what ever I want, I eat whatever I want, there’s no stress and it’s all just fun! 🧢 🙌🏻😭 When and Where is your next Disney vacation? Mine is next week at Disneyland. 🤣 . @princepogiatdisney . #Disneyworld #instagram #travel #travelgram #dream #california #iphone #disneygram #home #waltdisneyworld #disneystyle #disneyparks #disneyland


Fun times in Anaheim


Everything about this picture😍😍 The perfect #photooftheweek after the amazing weekend at our Anaheim Regionals!💗🌟 Thanks @tinydancer_bailey for taking this incredible picture!!😘🌈


May Adventure and excitement fill your day.


Happy Tuesday!


#sleepingbeautycastle never fails to give that rush of #happiness #happiestplaceonearth #disneyland


Mommy/Daughter Day at Disneyland


When all your Disneyland dreams come true 🍗


Currently re-sleep training Kensey and it’s going...as expected. It’s a tug of war between her ability to scream and my ability to be mentally stronger than a 1 year old. Getting only a few hours of sleep a night is literally going to be the death of me...so excuse me while i eat all the carbs this week🥨🥨 🥨 #tiredaf


CNt believe it’s been 5 years today since I’ve pushed this big ohl head out. If you know my son you know he’s one of the smartest 5 years old around, he loves to flip And LOVES pretty girls. Everyday you do it say something new that surprises me, you are me in so many ways that smart ass mouth and sarcastic ways be feeling like I’m dealing with myself 🤦🏽‍♀️😭 man I know you and your brother would have been something special. Happy birthday son, (he said I can’t call him nothing but son lol)