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Queens highway Alice Town, The Bahamas - Places nearby

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We took a stroll to visit the historical Dolphin House In Bimini where one man built an entire home with his bare hands of items like shells, concrete, bottles, dishes, metal, rocks and steel. “People threw alot of jazz, but when the structure started to build from the ground the people could no longer laugh” he’s not a architect, he’s a artist! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! | @blacktraveljourney photos by: @majinrue x @rayandnite


Traveling teaches me peace within.. there is so much culture and diversity we have seen and still yet to see ... until our next travel! 🙆🏼 when in Bimini I suggest checking out the dolphin house in Alice town, Ashley Saunders is a remarkable man who spent the last 10 years designing his own home to an artistic museum filled with the most articulated pieces.. and the best part is he does it all as a matter of love.. not for a dollar. Beautiful people in this island .. beautiful energy ❤️🌺


No trip to Bimini is complete without a visit to the colorful one of a kind Dolphin House located in Alice Town. #BiminiBliss #Bahamas #Bimini #ResortsWorldBimini | 📷 @rayandnite


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A house based around my favorite sea animal, dreams do come true


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Even though I thoroughly enjoyed cruising the streets of Bimini in our high speed golf cart, digging my toes into the white sand, frolicking in the Caribbean and eating jerk chicken every day, the biggest highlight was visiting Ashley Saunders at @dolphinhousebimini 🇧🇸 Ashley started building Dolphin House in 1993 after he was surrounded by dozens of dolphins when he was in the water. He said his artist gift was activated in that moment. In the house you will find just about anything molded into the home: wine bottles, seashells, license plates, jars, hairbrushes and the list goes on and on. It really is a beautiful sight to see. I thought it was quite ironic that cotton was growing in his yard. Cotton is a historic symbol of oppression, marking the hundreds of years of slavery. Ashley speaks proudly of being freed from the bondage of the Brits in the 60s and revels in the tenacity of his people, a strength he owes a lot to Martin Luther King Jr. who was good friends with Ashley’s brother, Ansil Saunders and who spent a lot of time on the island writing many of his famous speeches. —- Dolphin House is a reminder that when God speaks to you, activate His message 🙏🏿 —— #bearsbiminibday #bahamas #dolphinhouse #art #travel #bimini 📷 1&3 by @zz4sheezy via iPhone X


“Everything is found and collected from abandoned churches, resorts, homes, the dump, the beach, hurricane debris... nothing is from Home Depot” Ashley Saunders


New idea for retirement. Build something cool!


Local color.