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We took a stroll to visit the historical Dolphin House In Bimini where one man built an entire home with his bare hands of items like shells, concrete, bottles, dishes, metal, rocks and steel. “People threw alot of jazz, but when the structure started to build from the ground the people could no longer laugh” he’s not a architect, he’s a artist! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! | @blacktraveljourney photos by: @majinrue x @rayandnite


No trip to Bimini is complete without a visit to the colorful one of a kind Dolphin House located in Alice Town. #BiminiBliss #Bahamas #Bimini #ResortsWorldBimini | 📷 @rayandnite


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Sat on the steps of a Harvard Graduate who built a musuem with his own hands made of recycled materials and despite what people said. Now, it's a world attraction. Sometimes you have to build alone because others don't have the vision that you do. Hair: @amanihair




🐬sending love .... light, forgiveness, laughter, peace, acceptance.... ✨💦 @lunabeachbimini @wellwknds highly recommending this yoga retreat next one is in March 🙏✨🐬✨💦 Bikini by: @galuswimwear ✨ Video: @nowitsforever @shamanictonic


Dolphin House 🐬




Ashley Saunders demonstrates how he built The Dolphin House by hand and with natural materials and found objects. #amazing


🐬🐬🐬 #dolphin house


“Dance like no one is watching.” Not sharks, but still pretty amazing. The ocean never ceases to amaze me. Every time we are blessed to be able to slip beneath the surface, incredible moments await. #notsharksbutstillprettycool #wilddolphins #freediving #epic #oceans #marinelife #saveourseas #underwaterphotography #dolphins #wildandfree #saltlife #dolphin #underwaterworld #waterlust #bahamaslove #itsbetterinthebahamas


Thanks for the tour of your beautiful home Mr. Saunders... 🐬 🏡 ... @dolphinhousebimini : Creative artistic home made of recycled ♻️ materials ... #dolphinhouse #biminibliss #bimini #bahamas #mytravelgram #travel #travelguide #travelholic #travelgram #mytravelcrush #travelog #blacktravelfeed #explorer


Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ashley Saunders and touring The Dolphin House in Bimini Bahamas. This man built (still building) this house with his hands and material that are from the sea or have washed up on the shores of Bimini. Took him 25 years to complete the finished parts. Can’t wait to get back home to send him some stuff in my daddy’s memory. He asked we do that and I am honored. Needless to say I felt a bond with this man because of his artistic ability, very similar to what my daddy had.


❗️TODAY I LIVED MY DREAM 🐬 I kicked it with two of Bimini’s legends to learn all about the mystic energy that lives on this island 👉 The Bimini Tapes coming soon. 👁 Sitting here after completing both adventures, I wondered if this was how a young Anthony Bourdain felt after a successful voyage. I was filled with something inexplainable; the energy, legend & heritage of others. I don’t think I’ve ever known a more incredible feeling. Hopefully he’d be proud of what I did today. I’m amped to share it with the world. 🙏 Thank you to God & the Universe for blessing me with this opportunity. Stay tuned! 🇧🇸 #TheGrubfather #Bimini #BiminiBliss #Bahamas


Day 9 - Bimini (Bahamas🇧🇸) Oggi abbiamo fatto un bel tour di Bimini North. Mentre cercavamo un diving per le immersioni di domani abbiamo conosciuto Ashley, nato e cresciuto orgogliosamente alle Bahamas. Ci ha accolto in casa sua, costruita in oltre 25 anni di lavoro, raccogliendo conchiglie e tutto ciò che il mare avesse da regalargli. A volte chiedo cosa ci spinga a imporci di vivere una vita non nostra quando potremmo avere la nostra Dolphin House! @dolphinhousebimini #dolphinhouse #dolphin #bimini #bahamas #sea #summer #love #conch #alicetown #noncisonogattiinamerica #fievelsbarcainamerica #ashleysaunders


pretending I can relive last Sunday all over again, starting with our tour of the @dolphinhousebimini 🌴🐬 #dolphinhouse #bimini #bahamas #biminibliss #babymoon #maternity #mamatobe #6months #bumpstyle #sunday


Такой маленький остров и столько много кайфа!)


Today we had the absolute honor of spending some time with Ashley Saunders at his beautiful @dolphinhousebimini hearing his stories and learning from him. He was so kind, funny, and his creative energy shone. Lizzy gave him a piece of sea glass she had found earlier in the day on the beach, and Ashley gave her the privilege of adding it to the house herself. She contributed to Dolphin House with her own find, hands, and creativity. #biminibeachbound #dolphinhousebimini #ashleysaunders



View from the top of the The Dolphin House in Bimini this morning. Gotta love it! #bimini #realbimini #biminibahamas #dolphinhouse