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The ubiquitous yin-yang symbol holds its roots in Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy. The yin, the dark color, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the trough of life; the yang, the lighter color , represents brightness, passion and growth. This is where I found the balance & inspiration on my new signature @diamondfootwear Yin&Yang colors, with the Tiffany blue stripe in the back to bring them back to to the @diamondsupplyco wave. #JustHaveFun


In fact this that Bitch that, I hate small talk. I don't fuck with chit chat. 🍭👾 #PointlessPhoto


Thank you to my beautiful friends for braving the apocalypse to celebrate another year of delicious food, cocktails, insane memories and me! #butfirstheresme #theendtimesareuponus #theapocolypse 🍊🥂


*goes home* *avoids all responsibilities*


The family surprised me this weekend for my birthday! I really can’t ask for anything more than time with the people I love! The second photo sums up what ensued lol... I also appreciate all the texts, calls, messages, cards etc... Thanks for making this a memorable weekend!!! ❤️ @cagsy @miranda.makes @miranda_creates @izzy_817 @mikeb1616 @shaylaberrios @fernandoluisvega @matthias_lee @_lanoga


thanks for dinner, it was priceless!!! — literally, because we didn’t even eat here, it was just a nice photo op 😛 #FridayNight #WeHadTacosInstead


...then you walk out side when you see the other squad cars pull up. 🚓 👀 . . . . . . . #exclusive #lbc #lb #longbeach #apparel #fashion #clothing #bixbyknolls #smallbusiness #mensfashion #womensfashion #california #westcoast #meme #lbpd


Who can keep up with us


Digging this one!!!! #beatles #helterskelter #remastered


Excuse my hieroglyphic-like handwriting. I’m making my thanksgiving food list and wondering why this holiday requires so. much. butter. 😳


@lobotomizing_laura ・・・ “People need to be entertained; they need the distraction. I wish to God that someone would be able to block out the voices in my head for five minutes... the voices that scream, over, and over again, “Why do they come to me to die? Why do they come to me to die?" #PartyOnWayne #hopsandvineslb #longbeach #craftbeer


Play on... Elijah and his client hooked up this local with a fresh fade a new outlook. Our team is good people, that’s why we’re #citylove baby!


I’m so tempted to tell my students to tag people, but I’m not that savage!