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holding our precious succulent baby


It’s finally happening! American @ninjawarrior JUNIOR. Coming this fall on @universalkids


‼️READ‼️Building a physique, takes discipline and a drive to build something bigger than just what you see in the mirror. It takes proper diet and proper fitness regime. It’s no short cuts, you can’t buy a natural physique. You have to sacrifice the bad habits in order to build the new you. The beginning of my fitness journey was confusing and frustrating. I studied and tried to learn about my body and how to create the new me, all by myself. At first i tried to take the short cuts by figuring it out myself instead of investing in the right type of trainer. I was stubborn and refused help because i thought they just wanted my money and i could do it myself.. “how hard can it be? I’m going to exercise and I’m going to eat healthy!”... wrong, that attitude will take you to level 5 and it will be a long long journey. - THREE INDICATORS THAT YOU NEED A COACH! 👇🏻 1️⃣YOURE NEW AND JUST STARTING YOUR JOURNEY. You gotta get the proper fitness/nutrition coach so you have the foundation and they can teach you what to do and point you in the right direction instead of you doing trial and error. 2️⃣YOURE TRYING TO COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR BODY. You need a pro that knows how to get you this level of results. Getting a transformation is serious task that takes the right teacher and the right support system 3️⃣The very common “IM OK BUT IM NOT SEEING RESULTS OR GETTING GAINS NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY”. Yup this means you have either plateaued or you’re doing the wrong diet and exercises for YOUR body type. - DO YOU FALL INTO ANY OF THE CATEGORIES ABOVE?? It’s time to get real and get started. Leave your email below, or email me at [email protected] , or dm me your email. Let’s just get you on the fast track 💨 If i could do it over. I would have saved two years of my life and gotten the right type of coach in the beginning. - [email protected] - Photo by one of my favorites @jsiegelphotography - #fitness #personaltrainer #coach #fitnesscoach #getfit #howto #physique #fitnesspro #weightlossjourney #transformationtuesday #buildmuscle #transformation #fitnessjourney #fitjourney


#teammau5 #pubg 🖤❤️ 📷: the one. the only @jessica.wil.son


Wet hair don’t care!👋🏼🌶 . Do you prefer 1 or 2???💙💙 . I kinda like pic 2 but in pic 1 I look like I’m having even more fun!💋 . #PoolSide #Summer #Floaties


Amazing night celebrating real life heroes 🖤 #espys #heroes #lanights


Drink more water. 💧 - - 📸: @rocpaperscissors__


I met Drake last night: life complete


Too many critics, not enough credentials... top : pants @prettylittlething pic: @luxurylovelace


😙 Looking at that photo on the wall. Who’s that? 📸🤔✨🐾 😸 ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ 📸 Source : @misty_the_halfbengal We love you! 👏🏻 😘 * DOUBLE TAP * 💝 Tag your friend 👏 Follow us now to get more 🎁 Message me your best cat pics!


Wheeled out the @fullbag #slalom setup to do battle in the #DTLA garages for tonight’s #TGL #shred session. Snapped this shot on the ride home.. Lookin #Grand, wearing the new @orangatangwheels #caguama tyres. 🏎🌃🕒 #3am #Skateboarding #Fullbag #LoadedBoards #Orangatang #ParisTrucks #S1Helmets #Gform #OjoomPucks #TheGelLab




Drop off crafty!! We are on set in Los Angeles dropping off delicious craft service. Call us for your craft service drop off needs. Easy on the budget, but still pretty sassy! #SassyCraft #CraftServices #CraftServiceLosAngeles #CraftServicesLosAngeles #CraftService #FoodOnSet #SetLife