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Goodbye good lighting ✌️


W O R K I N M E 🍭


Maximum Effort. Shooting in the alleys of #Fremontstreet with @ferradawheels


Had a good night out!!!! 😘💋


Friday night lights✨Downtown Fremont is filled with lively bars and delicious restaurants! Where are you headed tonight? Comment 👇🏼 #lasvegascityguide 📷 @paulinye


Good morning ☀️🌸


Going in on a fire dab of some @_alley_bros_710_ 🔥💪🏻 such amazing wax and I know I missed with the carb cap the first time 😂


Un beso el alma me friza...


Bad Robot Productions 🤖 • • • • • #dtlv #downtown #robot #lasvegas #winteriscoming #monday #ig #igdaily #justadude #haha #lasvegaslocal #local


Extra bright , I want y’all to see this 🌃


Kick, push.


Whenever I get undressed in my bathroom my Shower 🚿 gets turned on... #MCM


Spent some time downtown Las Vegas today. I was reminded of how unique and different people are. Being unique is such a beautiful thing. • We spend so much time trying to fit in, myself included, that we often forget about the things that make us unique. We all have them. There’s something about each one of us that makes us unique. • What is it that makes you unique? What is different and beautiful about you? Are you sharing your unique personality with the world? • We also all have unique talents. We should all try to share our unique talents and abilities with other people. • The older I get the more I love learning about other people. I love to hear about their lives, what makes them different, and what makes them unique. • • • #motivation #motivated #successtip #inspiringquotes #successquotes #motivationquotes #quotestoinspire #lifequote #succeed #hustlequotes #motivationalquote #getmotivated #setgoals #keephustling #focusonyourgoals #successquotes #millionairemind #persistence #acheive #workethic #success #bemotivated #opportunity #motivating #leadership #ambition #leadershipquotes #mentor #lifecoach #successful


#bigrigjig 🚚🙃🚛 #keepontruckin


What is the best way to approach a loved one being passive aggressive & deliberately attacking your insecurities? Make digs back? Blast them? Say Nothing? There’s a fine line of keeping your inner power & not being a door mat. The people closest to you do cause the most pain. Try to be understanding & objective in the heat of the moment. Do take it personal. Feel the feels of the pain. When a loved one gives digs - you have to remember that there is chemistry there. You trust & love that person you told your struggles - present & past - While that hurt is raw - Take it & grow. REALIZE your self-worth. Usually if they know your insecurities- you know theirs. Remember in the end - it is not a race of who is right or wrong. It’s how you made them feel & how you handled YOU. In life - we all do hurtful events. And it’s okay. What makes life beautiful, is to acknowledge - accept & stop that cycle. So keep in mind - you can control any situation you are in by being that bad ass you are. Stay true to YOU and you will shine bright! ❤️❤️❤️.


Oh you poppin POPPIN’ #Selfie #IAMCAHNTEL ❤️👑🎤🎶🗣


I totally ate shit the other day and hurt my elbow. You might have seen it on my story 😂 but at first I did not want to admit it was injured but as the day went on it was swollen and I couldn’t bend or straighten my shit. Find out what happened on episode 3 of my vlog! Link in bio. | 📸 photo by @bananaspacebar