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Nothing like a geothermal hot tub overlooking the ocean to help you let off some steam 😌


Iceland 🇮🇸 , Not to Be Confused with Greenland 🍃 #SouthernIceland #SteinahellirCave #AuroraBorealisIceland


Another surreal day in Iceland's Northern Fjords. When was the last time you couldn't believe a moment was real? #icelandxCourage #iceland


Tak tohle je fakt neuvěřitelná paráda😍 S holkama se tady každej den koupeme a chytly jsme totálně boží počasí😊🙏 Tak si tady užívám poslední dny volna a od zítřka už zas hurá do práce a v pondělí i do školy😊 Jinak vám i tak hrozně závidím, že jste mohli běžet pražský půlmaraton a mega moc všem gratuluju, celej můj instagram běžel, mi přijde❤ Fotila úžasná @freecoolina 😍


Keep it simple


Bryggjuhátíð 2017


A hot geothermal pool far into the cold and rainy Westfjords #iceland #vsco


Quan t’envolta tanta magia i puresa però saps que en 5 dies tornes a formar part de la societat de merda en la que vivim, i t’envaeix la tristor de tornar a viure desitjant que sigui cap de setmana per escapar i sentir-te lliure cada 7 dies... 💚


Morgunstund gefur gull í mund ☕️


There's a folktale about this rock outside our guesthouse last night. It is a troll who was out searching for her cow at night and got caught by the morning sunlight and turned to stone. All this after using her shovel to break off a piece of land that became a large island offshore. #drangsnes #trolls #icelandictrolls #icelandroadtrip #roadtrip #westfjordsiceland #westfjords #iceland #travelgram #seetheworld #getupandgo


Still life with Larry's sunglasses. (AKA The view from tonight's guesthouse.) #drangsnes #icelandroadtrip #roadtrip #westfjords #sunglasses #roomwithaview #westfjordsiceland #iceland #travelgram #seetheworld #getupandgo


Low-keyish day with minimal white knuckling, Arctic Fox Museum, some smoked Puffin served by a very nice 80 yr old Icelandic lady, a pair of pants made out of human skin that makes you wealthy, maybe, and a tiny room with a view. #westfjords #iceland #arcticfoxmuseum #icelandicmuseumofwitchcraftandsorcery


My very best friend, and the one with whom I’ve shared my greatest adventures....what a ride. We started our anniversary with eggs, chorizo and orange slices - all procured from the closest gas station, 25 miles away. We middled in a (FREE) geothermal heated hot tub built into the sea wall of a town with a population of 67, accessible by a one lane gravel road covered in pot holes and sheep. We ended with cheese, crackers, cheap wine and the northern lights. There is no one else I’d rather adventure with than Thomas Wilson, Jr. but he hates social media so I’ll save the sap for a card. Here’s to an unreal final full day of our 10 year anniversary bucket list trip (yes we took it one year early) and a lifetime of adventures ahead. #Iceland