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I would like to publicly announce that today I started my new journey at the Eastern Star Church assisting with the everyday responsibilities for the children and teen ministry. I am now a proud member of the Eastern Star Church. I will also begin classes continuing my education at Indiana Wesleyan University in April 2018. I want to say thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me through my transition back to Indianapolis. Also a special thanks to my Word Up ASU family! I am overjoyed with my new career and I’m excited to be working alongside great people. #2018theyearofpromotion #Itsbeenalongroadbutnowimhere




It was NOBODY BUT JESUS that kept your mind @easternstarchurch @jayz_style #PraiseAndWorship


When your peers become your mentors! 🙌🏾🙏🏾Congrats to the Barneses! #thelaurenandaaronshow


Vision Boards @thecrew_esc


PG 13 came to church before his season debut.. came together after service to pray for his leg. pretty cool moment. happy Easter!


Come out this evening for an important event . The #BenjaminForSheriff Campaign team will be there in support of @benjamin_for_sheriff on the panel . • ❗️ A Conversation On Violence and Voter Registration In Indy ❗️ “Real Talk | Real Solutions | Voter Registration” @easternstarchurch on March 1st • • • ❗️Moderated by @ampharris ❗️ Indianapolis is the 12th most dangerous city in the country. On March 1st, connect with some of Indy’s most influential leaders and hear them speak on the violence that has plagued our city, the lack of Millennial Voters, and possible Solutions to better our community and spreading more Love ...I’ll be a part of this conversation. Will you ? #Indy #317 #TheEndGoal 💭




Hope takes teamwork! Let's bring HOPE to our city!


Never won a championship as a player but got the opportunity as a coach and it’s my Lil Brother!!!! #NiggaWeMadeIt On a 9 Game Win Streak!!! Championship Saturday at 11....


Baby girl doing her thang!



“It’s like having a super power” says my kiddo about #brainspotting answering questions from #fosterparents at Every Child today. He took this photo because he loves how Brainspotting gives him #selfhealing powers like #wolverine #momsassistant #brainspottingindy #traumatreatment #adoptiontherapy #neuroscience #brainscience #neurotherapy #fostercare 🧠


For If Everything Exists to Exalt You High...So Will I! . . . #Cross #Jesus #God #Sabbath #SDA #Purpose #Creation #LiftHimUp