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About books. They let you travel Without moving your feet 📚


🍓🍫 Today will be remembered as the day that I put a brownie on top of my oats. 🤤😱💃 . . Maybe you’re thinking that is a bit too much and “how’s that healthy”?! 🤭 But ACTUALLY, it is a perfectly balanced meal that is less than 450kcal, not even 45g of carbs and just over 30g of protein. 🤗🙏🏽 Remember, it’s all about the ingredients that you use! 🤙🏽 And that’s the best thing about tracking for me, you can create and eat SO MUCH delicious stuff! No need for restrictions. 😎 . The porridge bowl inspo is from @brochan.cafe where I discovered how good is brownie and raspberries combo on top of an oatmeal. 😍👌🏽 Head over to @_emilysworld for the best, fudgiest brownie recipe. 🤤 And if you swipe right 👉🏽 there’s another #droolworthy picture and also full ingredients list with macros. 🤓✌🏽 . • Oats • vanilla • @kin_nutrition OMG NO WHEY (discount code - ZUZ10) • homemade salted caramel sauce • frozen raspberries • brownie • 🙌🏽 #susanssmarteating


‘It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.’ {Charles Dickens} ~ Mr Dickens may have been describing March, but he summed up Edinburgh’s year-round weather beautifully too 🙈 This is the gorgeous palm house at Edinburgh’s botanic gardens. It’s one of my favourite haunts, and I cannot wait to see it in all its spring glory soon! 🌱🌸🍃



May God continue to bless 🙏🏿🙌🏿


Os juro que el sonido era insoportable #MandragoraStyle 🎨


Mig grunar að við séum að fara að verða svona týpur af foreldrum sem börn skammast sín fyrir á gelgjunni... en fram að því erum við bara ógeðslega fyndin og hamingjusöm 😂❤️


Happiest when in a foreign city with ice-cream in my hand🍦


Edinburgh Yarn Festival. What a wonderful event! Thank you so much to Mica and Jo @edinyarnfest and their staff. Thank you also to everyone who came by to chat about #ravelry. I am returning home on Friday filled with inspiration and love from friends old and new! ❤️ #edinyarnfest2018 #edinyarnfest





Kit kat and M&M vanilla cake filling with chocolate ganache!!! So much chocolate for one day... perfect!!! 🎂🍰🍫 #kitkatcake #vanillacake #hulkcake #chocolateganachefilling #handmadefigure #fondantfigure #mumbakes #homemadecake