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1451 N. Gardner St. Los Angeles, California - Places nearby

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The @burger at @electricowl.la is available all night, but you should try to get there during Happy Hour so you can have a couple $6 martinis to go with it. #EEEEEATS #InfatuationLA


Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich! I'm only a little bummed that I didn't go fo the absolute hottest version they had. This was def hot, and crazy delish, I mean, just look at that CRUNCH! But I under estimated myself! From @electricowl.la You can always see more on Instagram Stories, YouTube (link in bio) and @jeremyjacobowitz #Brunchboys


Happy birthday to my soul sister mi amiga del alma. I love you to pieces!!! look at us 40 something and fabulous baby!!!! Those 30 years of friendship have only solidified that we bad ass mother fuckers ☺️ I love you @twinflametwinflame #friendship #soulsisters #latinas #lifelongfriends #hollywood


Meet the electric owl 🦉 #burger from @electricowl.la. So cheesy, so rich, so good! Also, @bigshot approved! #imhungry #cheese


Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich from @mcflys.allnatural pop-up at @electricowl.la. Available Wed-Sun, 11am-4pm. Looking for L.A.’s Best Hot Chicken? Link in profile. #mcflysallnatural #hollywood #dineLA | 📷 RG: @estarla


Hot chicken happiness from the @mcflys.allnatural pop-up at @electricowl.la. | 📸: @overoverunder. Tag #EaterLA for a chance to be regrammed.


Recovery mode🚂💨


I've been shaking what my mama gave me my whole life #thxmaureen #happymothersday #ma


xxvii continued. 🤸🏿‍♂️



Always accidentally twinning with @___bobaprincess 👯‍♀️♥︎♥︎ . #KanaxLA #KanaCana . ここの外観が可愛くてずっと行きたかったんだけど、 このお店ハンバーガーが凄く有名なこと 行ったあとに知った。 #ハンバーガー食べてない . #pink #losangeles #dailylook #look #ladies #travel #trip #coordinate #me #fashion #ootd #happy #japan # #love #girl #instatraveler #lalife #makeup #fashion #cosme #ヘアアレンジ #ファッション #アメリカ #ロサンゼルス #LA旅行 #カリフォルニア #海外 #海外旅


We will be closed from 3pm onwards today. (No Happy Hour/No Dinner service) Desperately need your Smash Burger fix? Come through for lunch today from 11am-3pm! 🍔⚡️🦉



Old friends!!!!! 💃🏽🕺🏼Love your face!!!! Until next time!!! Thanks to @electricowl.la and Tim for being amazing!!! Best salmon EVER!!! 🤗


How’s your healthy New Years resolution going so far? Same. 📍@electricowl.la 🚘 Hollywood, CA ▫️▪️▫️▪️ 🤴🏻I was stoked to celebrate LAs very own burger King @bigshot and his 365 days of burgers with one last one for 2018 at Electric Owl. 🍔 They only have one burger on the menu- with add-on options- but one is all they need when it’s this delicious! I loved the bun, the cheese and sauce oozing from every bite. I added shishito peppers to mine because I never say no to shishito peppers and although after second thought I wondered what I go myself into, it really complimented the burger & now I’m not sure if I can ever eat one without them sprinkled inside. (That sentence was long and worth it).


Brrrrrr, it’s finally starting to feel like winter in LA!! ❄️ Have no fear, enclosures are here! Our patio is now enclosed. Stay warm and toasty while sipping on a hot toddy, my friend. 🥃🍯


@bigshot knows how to celebrate 365 Burgers! Thanks for lunch and getting to see someone live an ideal year! (damn @electricowl.la has a great burger)


No @brentparris, that is NOT a dead spider in my drink #breakfastcocktail


My special for the weekend.sweet potatoes toast with pork belly and poached egg., @electricowl.la is delicious y’all


You wish you had Jesse’s girl....@michelle.s.lally #merrychristmas


Karma - Summer Walker


Hot Toddies for breakfast please


The burger at Electric Owl is perfection. #scrumtralescent