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First proper powerlifting comp💫 so happy to be able to share my first time on the platform with my sister @karaswankie_powerlifter and mum @__ohno__ and Sarah “swankie” Kennedy too! @layla_loves_lightning 💗I was slightly disappointed with my 3rd attempt squat however with finally experiencing lifting on a platform I’m excited for many things to come 🏋🏻‍♀️ thank you @niko_dsu_powerlifter for basically doing everything all day! •squat - 102.5kg •bench - 45kg • deadlift - 150kg


This weekend at the Scottish Unis Championship, I broke the Scottish Open Benchpress record for the 74s with a 143kg bench press, before setting a further record with a 147.5kg bench press whilst weighin in at 71.9kg. I also won a wee gold medal. I couldn’t have done half of this without the loving support of my family and friends. I am truly blessed to have you all xo @therock photocred: @thomas.macg @scottishpowerlifting @guweightlifting #powerlifting #benchpress #fitfam #instafit #chickenlegs


2nd place silver medal at the Scottish Uni Champs today for my powerlifting debut!! 115kg to win the squat, then 62.5kg bench followed by a 140kg deadlift then a DQ’d 147.5kg which I will focus on. The best day ❤️