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Obviously a very politically and emotionally charged topic these days. I will forthright say my stance on this is liberal, I advocate more gun control which is not the same as complete abolition of guns. There are many political issues these days that I wouldn’t even know how to broach because everything seems to present so highly galvanized. But I hope for those who may not agree with this post, that we can overcome the vice of obstinance and realize that (as my resident and cointern admit a patient for intractable seizures from a previous gunshot wound to the head) we simply want to mitigate whatever suffering we can. And if that still upsets you, an “unfollow” is just a click away. #gunviolence #ThousandOaks


Surreal that last night was this sweet girl’s last shift with us at EZ. So proud of you for following your dreams through travel nursing & excited I have an excuse to travel the country now. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later. 🏥💉


Idk what I’d do w out you. You are my mfkn BROTHER. war is up for you and I’m glad i got to visit you. I got that text that you got shot and went into literal shock. 🤕 I cried and cried until i seen you was in good stable condition💯 i love you brotha Omm. ❤️@mge.jmann




I had a great time playing for Back On My Feet (@bomfindy) this week. This was my 3rd year in a row so it’s starting to feel like a family affair. Thanks to my sis for supporting such a great organization and introducing me to them! (That’s my sweet niece Charlie sitting on my lap FYI)


Eskenazi Health is in need of volunteers for its No One Dies Alone Program. NODA enlists volunteers to sit with patients in their final hours. Click the link in our bio to see how you can get involved.


Something a little refreshing on this hot day! #heat #waterfall @rjgovert


2 years later and I’m finally Skylar Wright, RN, BSN! So excited to start my first nursing job with all the amazing people at the Eskenazi ED💗


I’m alive. The cyst had 6 liters of fluid in it and weighed about 15 pounds. And the biopsy came back negative for any cancerous cells so that’s amazing news. The incision is only from my belly button down which is also good. The rest of the surgery was good. I’m feeling pretty rough but I got my pain med drip now so I’m feeling a little better. Thank you for the well wishes, prayers, and positive vibes. I appreciate y’all so much.


Just got 18 Freaking Stitches 🧵 Still hurts. 💯😡



Me my family at the hospital feeling blessed..