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I wrote this before ADCC but never posted it. I think it's fitting now. I'll talk about my adcc experience (and what an experience it was) tomorrow. Being a professional athlete isn't easy, people only look for the medal on your neck and if you have one there will be tons of people congratulating you. All your friends will be happy to know you and your students will praise you and say how proud they are to have you as their coach. How you do in competition far too often dictates how you are viewed as a person. As an athlete very few people will ever congratulate you for the real things in life, the things that matter so much more than medals. When Yuri first came to CTA it was a surprise. CTA was going through a transition and he came on the recommendation of his best friend and my brother, Kim. He had no idea how long he would stay, what he wanted to do with his future and really not a lot of direction. Since that time I seen him grow, into a great instructor, an awesome competitor, and most importantly an an amazing person. CTA wasn't and wouldn't have been the same without you. You set goals and accomplish them and continually seek to evolve as a person. I'm proud of who you were, and even prouder of who you've become. No matter the outcome of this event, you are a champion. I didn't know you well when you came here but you know how much you mean to me, like my own brother. That means more to me than anything you will accomplish. We are CTA!! #YuriSimoes #CTA #Idolo #ADCC #WarTribe #TechniqueConquersAll


Beast mode Go beast mode Ballin' so hard, yeah they think I got the cheat code🔥🏅🇺🇸🦅 📸: @lisalisapics #ADCC


Keep your game strong, mind & body! 👊🏼💛 #gymsharkwomen


Grateful... Mission Accomplished for today. Now "History repeats itself" Semi Final against Buchecha 👊🏻👊🏻🏆🏆 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷Grato ... Missão cumprida por hoje. Agora a "História se repete" Semi Final contra Buchecha 👊🏻👊🏻🏆🏆 #whatisyourmission #cyborgbjj #fightsports #NG @stormkimonos @nativoacai @adaptogenscience #fuelyourpassion


Mais um dia da minha vida fazendo o que mais amo 🙏🙏 que é estar em cima de um tatame e ainda estar realizando uma luta no mais auto nível do esporte que escolhi fazer. Infelizmente não foi 100% pra mim pq meu adversário foi superior e saiu vitorioso. Aprendizado e honra sempre independente do resultado!!! ////One more day doing what I most love; being on the matts and doing one fight in the most top level of the sport I decided to practice. Sadly wasn't 100% for me because my opponent was better than me and conquered the victory. #éhoje


Hoje deu tudo certo, classificado para a semi final amanha. Vamo que vamo. @shoyoroll || @rvcasport || @musclepharm ••• Made it into semi finals for tomorrow, let's do it.


Be strong, be beautiful, be YOU💗💗


Hovimuusikko painoi perjantaina ehkä parhaimpansa, kun tarinan päätähtenä seikkaili Henri Saaren poika. Tapahtumat sijoittuivat uimahallin saunaan ja luonnollisesti Cheekin kappale Keinuu oli nyt Heiluu... mun biossa linkki tohon biisiin. Mahtavaa sunnuntaita! Tämän innoittamana lähden raapimaan altaan pohjaa! #aamulypsy @iihamaki


JT Torres vs Garry Tonon Circa 2010 I think. I lost a 0-0 decision as a purple belt, in my very first ADCC trials. Today I look to avenge that loss. 📸By @melchiano


The 2017 ADCC World Championship in Finland has come to an end and will certainly go down as one of the greatest events in Jiu Jitsu history. I am humbled to have witnessed these living legends showcase their talent against each other. Those of us in the Jiu Jitsu community know that these are the athletes that we all try to emulate. This event has inspired me to become a better coach and continue to improve my own skill in the gentle art. I'm forever grateful to @ericsnemesis for being first my friend and then my coach. I am honored and thankful to Kazakhstan Top Team for allowing me to share in their journey and welcoming me into their family. We didn't win in the traditional sense but we learned and to me that is more important. We will be back and as always when we return we will be better and stronger. I love my team and it must be mentioned that we produced the first two Kazakhstan nationals to ever compete in this prestigious event. From Kazakhstan: Tolegen, Gary, Osman, Arman and myself. (Sorry for any spelling errors with names)


And that's a wrap! From the FloGrappling team, thank you to everyone who followed our #adcc2017 coverage.



Love the forest and it will love you back (even though you didn't find any mushrooms) 💚 #forest #visithelsinki #greenpower #grounded