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The old carved porch post came from Lovic’s old home place, ironwork was under mother and dad’s carport, and the chandelier was in my dining room years ago. It is in my garden for summer enjoyment.



— 😍💕💕 when they spot you and snap a quick rolling shot.


"You want I should wash the bugs off your windshield?"


Good haul on the @hunt_fe_hill with the @modernoutfitters_sales MC6 helping with hog control ...... #mc6 #moderncarbine #thermal #nighthunting #huntfehill #silencershop


So I️ did@a little something at regionals..


We had the gadwalls falling into the wood duck hole this morning. #duckhunting #easttexas #waterfowl


Great meet today!🏃🏽 1st on both events🥇, proud of everyone..we came to run & show them what we can do💪🏼 especially this one @ccllopezz, she did great for her first high school meet😉 📸: @scarmar23


A big shout out to @jasondjeter for give me one of the most fun experiences of my life. I’ve spent my adult years building rifles and falling in love with the journey to prefect a weapon. Last night I was able to use my first sbr, my @noveske_llc 12.2in 300blk to Kill my first hog. I’ve never been a big hunter because I want something that’s action the whole time but hog hunting is a true non stop hunt. So fun. And who doesn’t love shooting pigs in the face under NODs. Kill count for the night was 7 hogs, 5 with my Noveske, one with a Block 2 m16 in full auto and one in semi. Awesome night. Can’t thank @jasondjeter and @hunt_fe_hill enough. If you want to kill the piggies give him a shout. #thegunconnoisseur


Don’t miss out on today’s lunch special...Southwestern Chicken Fiesta Soup. Hope to serve you soon 😊


Hot out of the oven!!! Come get your coffee fix and fresh baked treats 😁



Liquid Marijuana mmmmm


Getting chalk boards summer ready! #readyornot #peachesarecoming


It’s the perfect day for a #TEXAS #backroads #daytrip. First stop #cooperfarmspeaches -they had me at #peach #icecream #roadslesstraveled #lifestylistlist #dallasdweller