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“The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately.” . . . First outdoor ride of the season yesterday! So happy to have my bike off the trainer and hit the road yesterday for a short ride!! 💙💕 . . . #imchoo703training #triathlon #trigirl #trigirlz #ironmantraining #ironmantriathlete #ironmantri #swimbikerun #imlp2018 #teamsfq2018 #teamsfq #smashfestqueen #thehustleissoldseparately



Did I cry? Yep. Maverick’s very first day of preschool at the #baxterschoolforthedeaf #mav #toddlerswithhearingloss #boymom


Happy 21! ♥️🚀🌙 rock on, Moje! I’m so glad you’re my daughter I’ll tell you your birth story again tonight at 8:16pm. I love you!


Definitely feeling the pain in my legs and glutes today after yesterday's work out. I really had to force myself to stay focused on just hamstrings, quads and glutes instead of going all over the place. I tend to get carried away and start working on multiple muscle groups at once. I've learned you don't see real results that way. Staying focused on certain parts of the body in one workout will cause those area's to be most exhausted. A lot of this sounds obvious and only requires some common sense to figure out, but someone like me who has an all or nothing personality, it takes a lot of focus to be okay with just targeting certain muscles. Trying to do full body workouts all the time DOESN'T work, only doing cardio doesn't work, it's a strategic balance and finding the balance that works best for you will take trial and error. Share with me what you lean towards!!! How do you find that balance?


F**k Off My Ławn


Finally can enjoy this...


Plant shopping with the best helper ❤️🍃 #babymac #springtime


Never gets old 💙 #falmouthtownlanding #cmonsummer #downbythebay


BOYS LAX JV UPDATE!!!!- Jv game at Scarbourgh has been Postponed to Monday 4/30 at 5pm bus 3:30pm - this is due to their grass field - Varsity game and bus is on as scheduled


My peonies are starting to come up. This one is from Maine Audubon. I got it at an auction a few years ago. It is over a hundred years old. #peony #maine #lifeisamazing #maineaudubon


To me, boudoir is a way to symbolically own your body, and a way to control your own sexuality. In a time where the sexual harassment and assault that we have previously been forced to accept as normal is, instead, being aired as the dirty laundry it is, I find it more important than ever for women to have a way to express their own selves, unaffected by the control of another person, a job, an industry, or a society. 🌟 Follow @azayakanna ✌🏻 . . #portrait #photographer #portraitphotography #photodreamers #portraitpage #peoplesportrait #portraitpower #topportraits #discoverportraits #portraits10 #boudoir #boudoirinspiration #inspiration #empowerment #womenempowerment #popsugar #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephoto #blackandwhitephotography #oldportmag #portlandmagazine #visitportland #mainemag #downeastmagazine #mainewomenmagazine #moxiemaine #mainephotographer #portlandphotographer


At six weeks, babies can’t really do the traditional newborn poses because they sleep differently and are generally more resistant to being overly handled. Instead, they get wrapped up and put in cute little sets, and they give the most personality filled faces! Victoria was pretty weirded out by my camera 🤗 See more of this little cutie in the blog!


Martha doing dog yoga, legs up the wall.