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Walgreen’s Shuffle ( BoogaLoop )


Carley Hoover with the strikeout to seal a Game 1 victory! #OnBoard


Whoever read this caption I pray pray pray for you to get as best as you can on your Education. This graduation ceremony make me realized how lucky am I can feel this experience : the energy from my family when they yelled and called my name, the loud clap for over 600 Westport graduates (I’m pretty sure it’s more than 4000 people in there), and the atmosphere when I walk in the track field until Graduation Stage when finally I got my diploma. It is so hard to keep it calm because I was so emotional, If not because my make up I definitely will cry, because I am happy. Too Happy. The Happiest in that day. . In every smiles y’all see in My picture, I send my prays from the bottom of My Heart : please God give more this opportunity to my friends, family, and Indonesia next generation, put them into the most special place their heart have ever know in the right time. Because We never too small to have a Big Dream. We deserve to make it happen! ✨ WPHS Class of 2018, congratulation, we know we are the favorite one. Because after three years it’s not rain on graduation day...🌞 #GeloraGarudaMuda #KLYES #binaantarbudaya #asseconnect


You know when you’re a Brit aboard when...up and out at 6:30am. For all those worrying about my lack of Disney t-shirt yesterday? Fear not...they are coming. Making a sneaky trip to @waltdisneyworld #MagicKingdom before we hit #Epcot! Main Street here we come! 🏰👯‍♀️✨🎡🎢🎠 #twinningiswinning #waltdisneyworld #partnership #therewillbefulltearsshortly




Summer time mahi set up for the Broad Minded. Slammer III 7500 Reel on a Carnage II rod from @pennfishing. 20 lb Pro Spec Chrome Mono for the main line with a short piece of 80 lb leader from @berkleyfishing. And a 7/0 7766 @mustadhooks with a ballyhoo for bait ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️


My children are healthy - amen. My children are happy - amen. My children are Godly - amen. #grateful #blessed


Non avessi questa vita, giuro, la vorrei.✨


EN 🇺🇸 Adore to start mornings with @louboutinbeaute perfumes. Bikini Questa Sera is rich tuberose/jasmine fragrance with australian sandalwood base notes.. It’s so buttery, creamy and delightful! Absolutely worth trying! _________________________________________________ ES 🇪🇸 Adoro comenzar las mañanas con nuevos perfumes de #beautelouboutin. Rica fragancia de nardos y jazmín con notas bajas de sándalo australiano. ¡Es tan mantecoso, cremoso y delicioso! ¡Vale la pena probarlo! #louboutinbeautegiftedme #BikiniQuestaSera _________________________________________________ RU Начинать утро с Bikini Questa Sera от @louboutinbeaute... Богатый аромат туберозы/жасмина с базовыми нотами австралийского сандалового дерева. Абсолютно стоит попробовать!


I'm working the @darwin.and.wallace.store booth today, it's right under the Isle 900 sign... come see me and all the cool oddities!!! #megacon #cosplay #oddities #fossils #naturalhistory #victorian #steampunk #bones #skeleton #taxidermy #orlando


Mom would love it here.



There is a bench right in front of this for sitting and contemplation.


Good morning Louisiana, God has strengthened me in so many ways, and I thank him. He has made this healing process easy, with family and friends helping me. I want to thank all yall, from my heart.