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We are so proud to announce David Smith as our Classified Employee of the Year! We are so thankful for Coach Smith and the positive impact he has on our school. #R1Strong




Grand Risings Kings n Queens, Gods n Earths!!! I’m blessed to see another great day bout to burn up the highway in a few, I hope everyone has a clear vision today, go after what you believe in!!! Claim what’s yours!!! #SuckaFresLifestyle #KingMe #1stFam


Off we go! It’s bittersweet saying goodbye to our home sweet home, but Cornwall made us grow, tested our patience, and had the coolest backyard. We hope it’s next owners love this home as much as we have. ⭐️Fitz obviously can’t wait for Nashville and Fox threw up before we even left the driveway. 😂


Giving a basic pour the full treatment. Elijah Craig used to not be my favorite because I like sweeter bourbons. It’s a good one though especially worth exploring since every store seems to have its own barrel pick. Right out of the gate the nose is a mildly sweet oak. The palate is very smooth oak that repeatedly seems to start down a road of bitter young oak but never goes there. It ends up being spicier than bitter. There is a little mild vanilla and floral notes. This is an exceptionally good selection if you’re newer to bourbon or just prefer a relatively lower proof. BUT, it’s dangerously smooth. Tailgating, this could get you into trouble when half this bottle slips down too easily... I digress. The take home for this bottle is that it’s very smooth, good oak, and I wouldn’t call it a special occasion pour but never a disappointment when you do break it out. Slip it into a bourbon tasting and I think you’ll be surprised how it stacks up if all the pours are similar proof. #bourbon #elijahcraig #heavenhilldistillery #heavenhill


The young idealist who sees the good in everyone. Come follow your heart starting Friday January 25th! #hopecladwell #urinetownthemusical #followyourheart




Fuxk frienDs I Got my 6ruDDas💯


Epic 40th bday party thrown by some great friends and pretty sure all my friends in Columbia showed up🎉👊🏻 Thank u all for an amazing throw down. Feel like I didn’t get to spend more then a few minutes with each of you but I enjoyed every minute I was awake🥃🥃🥃😴😬 #kennygeorgeband was awesome way to rock in my old age, @bradhollon @madeline.hollon the pig was amazing as we all knew it would be👌🏻 @boykingirl @goodolegirl23 thank you so much for oyster bar and cake @lorennixfarquhar and my beautiful wife Goose the decoration were hilarious😘 I’m missing so many people but I love you guys and so thankful to call you my friends ✅


Sunday morning shenanigans


The jaded, ruthless proprietor of Amenity Number Nine. Get in line and have those coins ready Friday January 25th! #mspennywise #urinetownthemusical


Book signing today at Barnes and Nobles in Columbia SC! Was Great meeting everyone! #barnesandnoble #bookstore #author #princesspeppermintandthekingdomofswirls #candy #childrensbooks #booksigning