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#offthewall // @rileymsantos in our favorite pair of Vans 💙


Looks like the "I" family is crashing the Florida weather party. Irma was a liitle slob on us back in September, now Inga is dropping snow on our neighbors up on the panhandle. Sooooo, local Floridians, this Sunday, when we hit the low 80s and you start to complain about the winter heat, remember, ask yourself of you'd rather be on Ft. Walton Beach or Ft. Myers Beach???? Winter Storm Inga is now bringing snow and freezing rain to the Florida panhandle, the third round of snow and ice to the Sunshine State this winter season. The last time multiple snow and ice events were reported in the same winter in Florida was seven years ago. The National Weather Service has issued winter weather advisories for parts of the western Florida Panhandle through early Wednesday afternoon. Snow was reported early Wednesday morning in Crestview and De Funiak Springs, and freezing rain was reported in Ft. Walton Beach. Sleet accumulated on vehicles and grassy areas in the city of Pensacola. The Bob Sikes Bridge to Pensacola Beach was shut down Wednesday morning due to icy travel concerns. Content from Linda Lam of weather channel and North Escambia County Twitter


Click the link in my bio to watch our entry for “America’s Most Spirited High School” 🎥🔴🔵⚪️🤟🏼 voting is Feb 7th- Feb 14th if we are a finalist! thanks to everybody who helped and supports! #KadeMcAlli #VAKA


❤️ @Plus_Skateshop 🖤 1 ) Let's start with the basics - who are you, when did you start skating and how did the shop come into existence? We are Plus Skateshop, I am Lee Feldmeir. Started skateboarding when I was 11 living in England. The shop was born in 1987 by the previous owner, Mike Johannes. Started off as a little tourist shop called Beach Plus, then morphed into Beach Plus Skateshop within a year or two. 2 ) Where did the shops name come from? The store was started with the name Beach Plus in ‘87, then became Beach Plus Skateshop around ’89. Dropped the “Beach” part of the name in 2000 when I bought the business. Plus Skateshop sounded better to us and would hopefully alleviate the number of calls we received from tourists looking for water wings. 3 ) What does the shop do to help out the local skate scene? We have a couple stores now, one in Fort Walton Beach Florida and one in Orlando Florida. ( @plusskateshop_orlando ) Between the 2 stores we are always up to something to get the local scene hyped. Whether it be thru video premieres, contests, or just a straight up parking lot barbcue sessions. We also have some pretty amazing humans representing us in both scenes. 4 ) Home Is Where The Heart Is - What does that mean for you and the shop? It means everything. We have been holding it down in our little town for 31 years now. Our Orlando location is 3 years old. Being a smaller shop and yet still staying viable in this big box society is refreshing and self motivating. We love skateboarding, and that is where our heart lies. 5 ) Anything special that you like to talk about happening at the shop? We just had an addition to our local skatepark. Team Pain came in and built a ridiculously rad bowl, 5 in the shallow, 9 in the deep. The park is free and pads are optional. Come get some. While you are here, grab some brews and go enjoy the crazy white sandy beaches of the Emerald Coast, its one of the most beautiful places on earth. @Plus_SkateShop X Home Is Where The Heart Is ❤️ Now available at both stores and online at - Link in bio! 👈🏼


Always in awe when I get the time to slow down and appreciate the small things in life☝🏻🙏🏻 (ps: thanks for the camera mom)


Hola pasado, si te escribo es porque ya no me haces daño, ya no te siento en mi presente, ya no me oscureces mi futuro, pasado ya te he superado, solo me arrepiento de no haberte vencido antes, por ti he llorado tanto, que ahora lo unico que puedo hacer es reirme de ti... Adios pasado, pierdete en el olvido... #goodbyes #demotivation #fortwaltonbeach


My parents asked me when I would give them grandchildren and I sent them this #Queenie #Sophie #MyChild


When his game catches up with his mind, he'll be just fine! #MJ #24 #FWB #BUCS


#USAF handler Renee Black restrains #MWD Luck as decoy Tyreese McAllister agitates him at Hurlburt Field, Fla (2010). 🇺🇸🐾


When you turn off the lights and realize the alabaster and salt rock candle lamps are still glowing. #findinghygge #hygge #hyggelife #denmark #candles #cozy #relaxing


...a lil taste of Ft. Walton beach before the jam-sesh with @bukednaked & dem boyz. Thanks to @janapuya for ruining my liver again! #SundayFunday #ManicMonday #BlacKousticHangoverSessions


Worked up to Heavy 3 of Box Squats.. is there a better way to start the week? It felt good to be moving under some weight. #MHT #MilitiaHybridTraining #MilitiaFitness #MilitiaFitnessHQ #MFHQ #HooYah! #NeverQuit #Monday #Squat


Do you know a local business owner (or 25) who deserves recognition? Nominate them for a chance to win $500! -Must nominate 25 or more businesses to be eligible to win the contest- #finestontheemeraldcoast #nwfdailynews #localbusiness #smallbusiness #destin


MAN CRUSH MONDAY!! Finish the sentence and they can either be HINTS for some men or KUDOS for others. -Samantha on the RADIO XOXO 🙂


Cheers, we are exactly ONE week away from the website launch! Who’s excited? Tag your Sunday brunch buddies 💕


Froze my toes off to shoot this. #worthit #okaloosaisland #fortwaltonbeach #seagull #sunset #beach #latergran


245 lb bench press with 20 lb hanging plates. Today's Max Effort is a fun variation that tests your stability while under a heavy load! Athlete: @jgoggin33 #blacksheepbarbell #powerlifting #strengthandconditioning #strengthtraining #benchpress #gymmotivation #gym #fitness #fitfam #conjugatemethod #westsidebarbell