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Long weekends, who's heading to wineglass 🍷📷@tscharke


Do you want to know why I'm smiling so big in this photo? It's because I made it to Freycinet National Park alive!! LET ME tell you about my scariest travel moment. AHHHH, THE road trip. We've talked about it recently here (see: Monument Valley road photo). The playlist is ready, snacks are plenty, windows are rolled down, and you're ready to not follow the map. Nothing beats hitting the open road for new destinations. I DID NOT have those feel good, open road vibes when I landed in Hobart, Tasmania. I was shooketh. A true shook one. "You all alone in these streets, cousin Every man for they self in this land we be gunning" I WAS alone. Staring at this car, thinking, "I can't do this. Why did I think this was a good idea? What compelled me to embark on this road trip?" Breathe. Open the door, sit in the seat, turn on the... DAMMIT, wrong side of the car asshole! I HAVE been driving since I was a teenager. I'm a pretty good driver if you ask me. Now I was driving a car on the wrong side of the steering wheel and road for the first time in life. Scared effing stiff. ONCE I got in on the right side, everything felt so opposite. The turn signals felt different, looking through the rearview mirror was strange. Thankfully I had an automatic. Now it was time to leave the parking lot. Breathe. Slowly. MY HANDS were sweaty as I hit the A3. My peripheral vision felt off and I kept swerving into the left lane since I'm not use to right side distance to the curb. It doesn't help matters that Australian roads have so many roundabouts. "Do I have to right of way if I'm turning right?" All these fearful thoughts, AND THEN OUT OF NOWHERE... (too be continued...) . 😁 FRIENDS, what's your most frightening travel moment? . . . . .


It seemed like an impossible task after eating my way through Europe but pretty stoked to have completed my first 9.2k run at the 2017 Freycinet Challenge along with my workmates !! 🏃đŸģ‍♀ī¸


@juni_rue meeting a wallaby in Tasmania. Looks cute but the sad reality is this wallaby mother was just desperate for food that she's become accustomed to recieving from tourists and therefore just hung around the car park in the hot sun with a tiny joey in her pouch looking very lethargic. Feeding native wildlife is not ok! #seeaustralia @australia


Alex Hunt taking out the Tassies biggest multisport event the Freycinet Challenge on the Elite S. Great pic from Clive Roper Photography.


You can almost feel the silence in @jackrsutton's moonlit view of the Freycinet Peninsula and Wineglass Bay from the summit of Mt Amos. Mt Amos is one of the three granite mountains collectively known as The Hazards that dominate the Freycinet Peninsula and the nearby town of Coles Bay. The 3-hour return track to the summit is steep and strenuous, and is not recommended for the unfit, elderly or for young children. Robust walking shoes or boots and considerable caution are required on the track, as it climbs steeply over sheets of bare rock and can be slippery - especially after rain. Take it on are you're rewarded with breathtaking 360-degree views of Tassie's stunning East Coast. Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania, Jack.


Found some photos I thought I had lost! #tasmania #freycinet #freycinetnationalpark #latergram #sunsets


spot the whale


The Hazards, East Coast Tasmania. Said to be named after a local whaler, Captain Richard Hazard the range is positioned on Tasmania's east coast between Coles Bay and Wineglass Bay. Interesting fact, the mountains are made of Granite, Orthoclase, and a pink Feldspar which gives the mountains there pink tint! What an amazing weekend away with the @iron_house_brewery, @emily_pineapple at the @freycinetchallenge. On another note, 4000 followers! ❤ī¸ Thanks for the overwhelming support! It's what keeps me going! ❤ī¸ A special shout out to @eastcoasttasmania, we finally made it back, I'm exited to share more with you!🤘 _______________ 📷 Canon 80d, 16mm, f22, ISO 100, 3.2s, NISI ND64+CPL 📍 Freycinet, Tasmania ❤ī¸ ℹī¸ 📧 👌 Repost is ok, just tag me. đŸ–ŧī¸ Canvas & Services available.


Tassie you beauty ✌đŸŧ #nofilterneeded




East coast of Tasmania putting on a show #djispark


This place is a incredibly beautiful.... Unfortunately visiting frequently to this place seems impossible as it is so far away from where I live.. I wish I could be there again!! . . . . . #discovertasmania #Australia #seeaustralia #travel #solotravel #trip #explore #adventures #wonderlust #sydneyfolk #ilovenature #photography #travelvibes #folkvibes #wanderfolk #passion #hobby #life #ourplanetdaily #daily #outdoor #nature #sea #curiousity #lonelyplanet #ourplanetdaily #neverstopexploring


Romantic sunsets for 2 #pub #colesbay #romance #drunk #summer @rikki_jae19


Here is a glimpse of the view our DTS team had on our 3 day hiking and camping experience this past weekend! #ywam #ywamsouthlands #tasmania #Godisgood


Slipped over 3 times on this walk but the view was worth it