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May the whole earth know love. The end. 💐🌾🌊


Mixing it up with an old drone shot!


Garrapata State Park📍 #SabbathHike


@alenisleon & @ktsmallz, thanks for our lovely Big Sur/Carmel Adventure today ♥️ #bravedthecold #bravedthewind #breathtakingview #unionsisters


Celebrated 3 YEARS walking along the gorgeous CA coast, reminiscing on past hikes, talking about our future goals and dreams, & of course enjoying some post-hike brews and food. Love my man, @elovinn , more with each passing year.


time 2 go home- fridge is just onions and tofu


Feb 3, 2018


☁️🌲✨🙌🏼Needing some ELEVATION in my life ASAP 🙏🏼☁️🌲🦋✨ 🍃Hearts that are hurting is so damn hard. 🍃Hearing your own voice and not the voices of others, also so damn hard. 🙏🏼I wish I would always take my own ‘healthy advice’ all the time, but human nature & our beautiful flaws come into play and you can feel dark. 🦋It’s so important for me to know that I can get dark but I am not meant to be dark. ✨I am light.✨ Sometimes I need to feel darkened to be able to appreciate the light I know I have. ☁️☁️These clouds are everything. 🙌🏼Kind of like emotions just swirling🍃 around my soul in a darkened valley, but that peak of sun 🌞above the ocean THAT is your calling, that is your JOURNEY. 🌟Feel the light, walk/ climbs towards that light today & everyday, you are the light💫✨✨✨✨✨✨✨


Ocean commotion 🌊


Feeling sick but it was worth it..I got to hike with the bestie in our old stomping ground...... #thisusetobeourplayground #garrapatastatepark #wednesdayhumpday #feelingsick #justhike #cardio


Change is hard and scary.


Boss bitch on the beach @eatbigmacs


Hidden 💎: Calla Lily Valley in full bloom #garrapatastatepark #californiacoast #lilies