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Gili Lankanfushi Lankanfushi Island, North Male Atoll, Maldives Male, Maldives - Places nearby

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Sunday fun-day 🐢 #sottimv #maldives #turtle



Wandering around the worlds largest private overwater villa clearly pretending to be someone I'm not.. 💃🙈 . But, this shot made you look, right?! . I have seen this very shot on a few #luxurytravel and lifestyle accounts & never for one moment thought I would be in a position to recreate it. 1 - because this villa is once-in-lifetime type expensive (thanks to @gili.lankanfushi for hosting me!) and 2 - it is a huge effort for me to get in front of a camera. . I've mentioned it before but I don't think I have ever said why. Well, if you are ready for a mini essay (or as many characters as Insta allows), I am gonna try to explain, because it's these type of shots that are part of my problem. . I have never been much of a social butterfly and always had a (very) small circle of friends. I prefer email to face to face meetings, whatsapp to picking up the phone, and am extremely uncomfortable in group situations or receiving any sort of attention really. I have had panic attacks on press trips, get major anxiety before campaigns, and whilst I am proud of the career I have built and the content I produce, I still have bouts of near crippling social anxiety when it comes to meeting people and groups I don't know. Now there is a range of things that contribute to this, and social media isn't TOTALLY to blame, but for this post: Social Media, you SUCK. . I hate how Instagram makes me feel, that it makes me question if I am pretty enough or skinny enough to carry off these sorts of shots - and if in fact this is the kind of content people want to see, or they react/engage because it's easy to double tap. Its like a high school popularity competition all over again (which I wasn't very good at the first time round) - and that these feelings go beyond social media and negatively affect my day to day life. . So, I wanted to post this 'perfect life' shot with a reminder that not everything you see on SoMe is what it seems; that I think the world would be a lot happier if daily social media time was limited; and if Insta makes you feel like crap, you are not alone. . Oh, and if you got to here, thank you so much for reading - I hope it wasn't too much of an overshare!


Who else feels the happiest on the Beach? 😍💦🥥🌴 PS: Watch my stories to find out who’s the first winner of my Giveaway. Choosing the next one in 2 days❤️ You can still enter!!🍫 All infos are saved in a story highlight.😚



Gili Lankanfushi,Maldives Photo by @umutkiziltan


Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, give back to the nature this festive season by helping us grow coral reefs.


Another day in #paradise. #Maldives #resorts @SOHOWellness


#신혼여행 #신행 #몰디브 #길리랑칸푸시 #신난다