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If you’re brave enough to walk out on the glass floor, you’ll be rewarded with jaw-dropping views of the Rocky Mountains and the Sunwapta Valley below. The journey starts at the Columbia Icefield Glacier Discovery Centre in Jasper. Purchase your ticket and then catch the transfer shuttle to the entrance (there is no parking at the Skywalk). From here, take your time to walk along the Discovery Trail, before coming to the glass-floored observation platform. Then, test your bravery by stepping out onto the glass floor, 280 metres (918 feet) above the ground below! #ExploreCanada 📷: Brewster travel Canada 📍: @TourismJasper @TravelAlberta . Avec l’extraordinaire vue des Rocheuses en toile de fond et la vallée Sunwapta en contrebas, les valeureux explorateurs qui affronteront le plancher de verre seront largement récompensés au Columbia Icefield Glacier Discovery Centre de Jasper. Billets en main, prenez la navette pour le Skywalk (il n’y a pas de stationnement à destination), puis déambulez sur le sentier de la Découverte-de-Jasper avant d’atteindre la plateforme d’observation en verre, à 280 m au-dessus du sol! #ExploreCanada 📷 : Brewster travel Canada 📍 : @tourismjasper @travelalberta #MyJasper #ExploreAlberta


Actually I was scared of this glass skywalk.. but for good photo.. it’s okay 😂🤣 #glacierskywalk #jasper #albertacanada


Jasper國家公園的冰河天空步道🇨🇦 真的很高,但風景也超美 #jaspernationalpark #canadatravel #lulujourneys #glacierskywalk #throwbackphoto


Go on a Glacier Skywalk and this is the only semi worthwhile picture @shweisz captures 🤷🏽‍♀️


Some people feel the rain, others just get wet. 🌨


turn your head🤷🏻‍♀️😂 (sorry if you break your neck) July 16th, 2018 [3:04PM]


Double tap if you think i only did the skywalk for the photo op


天空步道 從峽谷邊向外延伸的橋 會看見很深的谷底 一點也不畏懼的我✌🏻 #Canada #AthabascaGlacier #GlacierSkywalk #vacation



Finally got to see Calgary beyond the walls of the Faculty of Environmental Design and it’s a pretty cool place I guess


Miss some moments happened in my life-especially the moment in Banff with my bffs✨


MAY 2018 Glacier Skywalk, Canadian Rockies Skywalkは足元がクリアガラスで崖下が見える。歩いて生きた心地がしなかった〜🤤 行き帰りはNice view!! #ジャスパー国立公園 #glacierskywalk #jaspernationalpark #bluesky #mountains #canadianrockies


i cant see myself leaving this place



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