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Today has been a roller coaster of emotions. I passed my state board exams, making me an official licensed esthetician and then I came across this heavenly store. Oh and tomorrow’s my birthday! Life’s good. #wishyouwerehere


Hello everyone!! My name is Aileen Emma Akhverdyan!! Let’s see what planet earth is all about!! #babyaileen #baby #iminlove #love #Akhverdyan


Wedding dress ✔️ #cheerstothegreffs


#EasyWork 😜🏀


Shot my favorite project thus far with these amazing ladies today. 🎥🖤 Keep your eyes peeled for this one 👀👀👀 #rumernoelchoreo


#mondayMotivation I always get asked, “how do you find the time , motivation, and energy to get to the gym?” It’s simple. I DO NOT make the gym an option If you made the gym priority like work to get paid. You WOULD be there ! Is work AKA money MORE important than your health❓ Stop making excuses 👊 Train with me today At or click link in bio


Drops and spins today! 🎶 by VALNTN, Emilia Ali ‘Can’t Let Go’


Typical breakfast over here 🙋🏽 pumpkin pancakes using 1/2 @simplemills mix + 1/2 whole wheat flour + @lifewaykefir strained kefir to top + maple syrup- duh. Mom is off to Chicago (cousin is getting married) and I'm not far behind her! Getting so excited to head to my favorite city and see some of my favorite humans!


Here's a better line


Monarch #art #ink #tattoos #losangeles #nature


early birthday presents 🎉 #22ndbirthday




What is this pencil of magic? Anyway, lmao... gee, I WONDER WHO THIS IS. Leo ("Kaleo" as a few of you know) is a Leo zodiac which is linked to the Strength tarot card. So, it would only be obvious that I would do something influenced by the Ancient Hawaiian Koa Warriors/Chiefs. And because Leos normally like to be a role of a king (you know, "King of the Jungle") I might add the chieftain headdress—mahiole—on his head in an artsy way. Edit: and whale-tooth necklace. Haha


Hollywood women


Just a quick casual, loosing up before my big dart game.