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So fun chatting today with my former breakdancing partner @larrykingnow about #nobleape This episode will be on @Hulu July 30th


I have kept relatively quiet about this over the past few weeks but I have been in pain pain pain. The kind of pain that people living with chronic, invisible, or autoimmune disorders know way too well. The kind of pain we find ourselves getting used to. It’s not always significant enough that it keeps me from living my life— I still go to work, see friends, do chores. But it’s always present, occupying a piece of my brain. And when it goes away I have the unhappy knowledge that it will, at some point, be coming back. I shy away from talking about this too much because it feels a lot like meaningless complaining. And I got tired of finding new ways to say “it’s alright, I’m okay!” to people’s different “I’m sorry’s.” And while I appreciate it, I don’t need your “sorry’s.” I need your consideration. I need you to take me and everyone you know seriously when they say that they’re in pain. Because you never really know their whole situation. The hardest part of all of it, for me at least, has never been the pain itself. That I know how to get through. But I hate to be held back by anything. I hate the feeling of sitting on the sidelines, looking in. And as much as I hate it, there’s a lot to learn from it. As much as I want to push myself (and I have days when I will) the days I sit by and watch are just as important. I am fighting a battle here. I am stronger than I look.


When your mom leaves the room after telling you to get off that game. 😂😂😂 what was your favorite game growing up ? ... #gotdamnit @justsaiyangear use code “aftermath” for 10% off - - #supersaiyan #beast #strong #swole #fitnessmotivation #fit #fitness #la #dragonballsuper #sdcc


We’re coming to the San Fernando Valley! 818 are you ready for some barbecue? Come see us this Sunday 7/22 @glendaletap starting at 2:30! This event is 21+ only. 📸 @matt_fink_


What’s YOUR favorite thing about aerial? I know... it’s so hard to chose ONE thing😆. For me, It’s the expressive freedom. Always thankful for having the opportunity to play music and dance in the air. 🎶 by Wyatt “Embrace”


Its only Tuesday, but I miss the weekend already 😬🤷‍♀️😁


Just like water, your shape changes depending on the vessel. Flow like water my friends. 🌊 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - @ladancemagic 🎉 NATIONALS 🎉


@mariositaliandeli in Glendale #lafoodjunkie


Wednesday Lunch Run


#wcw on the always fab @lilymacias Not only is this woman an amazing teacher, she is also an amazing friend, client, and overall kind hearted human being. Did I say teacher? I meant Educational Rockstar! You will forever be my #wcw for your beauty inside and out. Cut and color by @maribelhairmua


Low Carb Options go a long way🍗🍎🍅🍖🍞


Seco de carne. So amazing & so good. The beef chunks were so tender and full of flavor! If you come for lunch you are looking at a $10-12 meal. . . . #peruvianfood #secodecarne #rice #beans #redonions #spices #flavor #glendale #glendalebrand #brandglendale #peruvian #carnestew #delicious #foodie #glendalecalifornia #glendalefoodie #glendalefood #glendalefoodies #glendalefoods #glendaleeats #glendaleeating



JT Legal Group’s first ever picnic was a SUCCESS! 🎉 Our team gathered for a day of fun under the sun. 🌞 #July4th #TeamJT