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To 12 year old me: people are going to call you “Chubby” and “Butterball”. You won’t be picked for sports, which will make you feel like you aren’t good enough for anything. But one day, you will wake up and realize that it’s time to change. You’ll run everyday and work your ass off (literally). You’ll get that modelling contract that you wanted and you’ll finish a triathlon. You won’t come first, but you also won’t come last. Life will get better, just remember to be yourself no matter what people say about you. If you want something bad enough, you’ll do it. Stay strong little guy, life will get better! Also, that hot girl in school you have a crush on, you won’t get her... but you’ll get a guy just as hot... surprise you’re gay.


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#kookievision minute! Some classic Mario. What is your favourite Mario game? Super Mario World is definitely up there for me. And Mario Cart. Both on SNES. Want to see the full version tutorial? Check it out on the Sweethart Baking Experiment 'Kookievision' YouTube channel. And visit sweethartbaking.com for my sugar cookie and royal icing recipe, as well as some helpful tips. Do you love my cookie videos and want to see more? Check me out on Ko-fi to make a small coffee-sized Paypal donation towards the future of Kookievision: ☕ ko-fi.com/sweethart Mario cookie cutter is from @sweetshapes.co. Music is "Operatic 3" by Vibe Mountain from the YouTube audio library. #sweethartbakingexperiment #kookienomz #sugarcookies #cookies #decoratedcookies #cookiedecorating #royalicing #tutorial #cookievideos #mario #videogames #nintendo #supermario #games #nes #80s #90s


The monarchs are emerging! @dalematthies, who snapped this week’s Photo Club Photo of the Week, says he saw a dozen in the span of a few minutes in Goderich, Ont. Have you spotted any yet this year? #monarchbutterfly #goderich #butterflies #wildlife #beauty




• Every day with you is an adventure that I am beyond thankful for 🙈💘 •


stopping traffic in more ways than one 😏 #goderichtriathlon


• Do you have a name or can I call you Mine? •


forest adventures with very adventurous people.


Loving the #fresh of the #fresh ingredients of #westcoastontario


Had this vision in my head for a while and I also wiped it off half way but i didn’t and I love it 😍 EYES: @sephorapro editorial palette @nyxcosmetics_canada midnight chaos dual ended liner in teal/metaphysical @maccosmeticscanada select coverup as a base @stormlashes Belize LIPS: @maccosmestics Blankety FACE: @nyxcosmetics Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation @katvondbeauty metal crush highlighter in Gold Skool BROWS: @katvondbeauty 24 hr brow gel in taupe @got2b spiking glue • • • #makeup #lashes #beauty #falselashes #stormlashes #mua #makeupartist #519ldn #nyxcosmetics #brows #belize #undiscovered_muas #fluffybrows #nyxcosmeticscanada #ldnont #featuremuas #trendingatsephora #wings #graphicliner #insomniac #goldskool #nyx #glitter #wingedliner #abh #anastasiabeverlyhills #kvd #graphic #kvdbeauty #katvondbeauty


Many people freak out at the thought of not eating for 60 hours. Right now I’m in hour 24 of this 60 hour #ketoreboot This is my 19th reboot to date. This time around I’m feeling very mellow yet incredibly sharp and focused. This made me think about our hunter gatherer ancestors who spent more time not eating than eating and therefore were in ketosis more often than not. What is interesting is that the brain in ketosis is literally #litup and #lucid. Thoughts come faster, are clearer and I find I am more creative than ever. My senses are heightened and I see the world in a sharper and clearer way. Our hunter gatherer ancestors would have been able to use this clarity and lucidity to their advantage. They would be able to track their prey better, have more energy and be more alert. As a species ketosis and fasting offers us a competitive advantage without which we most likely would not be here today. Humans are meant to be in ketosis more often than not and when I fast using ketones to support me energetically and create a demand for more ketones from my own body fat (side note: did you know that the leanest person still carries around 40,000 calories of energy from fat??? Imagine how many calories a person who has more body fat has available for energy!!) All this to say yes I would love to eat right now but I am enjoying how amazing my brain feels and how much work and creative thinking I am getting done on this #ketoreboot. Thanks @justpruvit for allowing us the privilege of having this amazing kit to help us experience our @n8ive states. #huntergatherer #ancestralhealth #primal #bison #hungryhunter #autophagy #fasting #keto #ketosis #ketogenic


Coach @adriennefbbc and John got into a bit of a “burpee off” this evening...


New microscope for electronics work. Works amazing! #electronics #diy #iot #arduino #electronicsrepair


#goderich #townsquare #farmersmarket. Hard to believe that #2011tornado hit this town flat.


Precious Hazel