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What I believe in..


@beyounick Baba and Me casually putting our most serious faces forward for the camera. Nustaserious 🤔 Picture by @param_chitalias_photography #spotlightcrazy


“We’re 5 siblings all together...I’m the youngest! The best part about them is that they always cheer me up and make me feel like there’s a solution to everything.” “What’s your happiest memory with them?” “It was a few years ago when I had a school project on Dr. Kalam -- I was completely panicked because I couldn’t do it well. I was so scared of getting low marks...I began to cry. To give me courage, they all came together to help me out and make it ‘our’ group project. It actually ended up being a lot of fun and I got 9/10 as well! They always make me feel like I can achieve anything -- just like how Dr. Kalam worked hard and with the help of his family became President -- I can become anything I set my heart on!”


Finely New Year Bonanza Target Achievement gift is Done J7 Prime-2 (2108) Additiona ✓✓✓Thanx For Samsung Team.....


Bff😊🤗😘@memonshifu_0727 #bestfriendforever #sid😎


Single 👤 jal jal 💥 kar mar rahe hai, aur relatationship 🤝 vale lad lad kar..😁🚫 #so #true


My mom clicked this in one take and I’m so pleased😭❤️ #rainyday



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