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One tequila, two tequila, three tequila.....I’ll let y’all know if the rumor about number four is true #gottablast


Paradise 🏝🌞🌊 Comment your favorite place to travel to ->>> ARONIKswim.COM @aronikswim @ejlphgphy @michaeldean2.0 @seanalexanderr


Caliente 🌴


in honor of a belated Earth Day, here’s some shots of my underwater gang and i exploring this beautiful side of the world that most don’t get to see 🐠


MORE RANDOM OFF SEASON STUFF!💪I’ve come to realise over the last few years that competing is a year-round process - AND and that for me personally it works best when it’s highly structured all the time, including when I’m not dieting 💪 I know people who just go “off” between shows, keep lifting b/c they love it but eat what they like, drop all the cardio, label it a “bulk” and worry about it all when the next diet needs to start. I’m sure it works for some and I’ve tried a relaxed approach before where I just kind of train hard and eat in a general caloric surplus (which you WILL need to do to build significant muscle assuming you’re not a genetic freak or a lifting newbie)....BUT I’m taking my off-season just as seriously as my prep this year and it’s 100% showing in my results: my blood work is better (particularly insulin/blood sugar), I’m leaner on higher calories, I have more energy and MY BODY IS CHANGING more quickly than even I could have hoped for 😈💣👊 Although gaining body weight is not exactly a walk in the park (I think women find this particularly tough mentally - we’re conditioned to think that weight gain is negative and that smaller is better - and I for one have to deal DAILY with comments from people who don’t understand the sport that I’m “putting on weight”, “bulking up”, “getting bigger” blah blah blah whatever as if it’s a BAD thing) but I’ve come to LOVE this phase of my training SO MUCH. Structure and a plan has also meant that I’m not tempted to “get in my own way” by freaking out or trying to stay in my prep outfits (yep, I have two wardrobes!) 🤗 I’ve got another four or five months before I start dieting again, so am hoping to get my calories up even higher and to add a little more muscle to my upper body in that time 🙏💪👊 If you follow my Stories you’ll know I’m still regularly training twice a day and incorporating a fair amount of HIIT - this definitely won’t work for everyone but I’m recovering well and it’s turning out awesome for me. Oh, and my back issues are resolved - turned out it was tight lats! Anyway, bit of a ramble but wanted to fill you guys in on where I’m at! 👊 #veganmuscle #veganathlete #veganbodybuilding


That time of the day tropical #humpday #wednesdays Model: @a_jne 😍 Tag someone who would like to take her place!🌴




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Throwback to six years ago a bunch of kids (adults) starting out in Cayman! #TBT #BoatDay #CaymanKind


Thankful Thursday #tbt 🙏 What are you thankful for today? Join me on the mat tonight for thankful Thursday double @yogafactoryweston ✨4:30-5:30 & 6:00-7:15✨




Islas Cayman🇰🇾☀️🏝



We’re past due for another vacation. 🌴



Grand Cayman! 🚢🌞🦄👑🎂😎