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How you look so perfect on your worst days 🎶 having my Ariel moment 🧜‍♀️


On our way to feed the fishies 🐠


Snorkeling w/ friends & stingrays in the Cayman Islands for New Years 2019 🇰🇾🐠💙💚🦋💫


Dneska potápění s helmou na Kajmanských ostrovech. 🏝 Při krmení rybiček, jich pár připlavalo🐠 A ty brýle mám na sobě ať mě poznáte 😎😅


catchin’ rays trying not to get stung #ripsteveirwin


got to hangout with the CUTEST water pancake today. look at his smile!!!!😌


Tuesdays man... aren’t they just the worst 😜🌴


Каймановы острова ... пожалуй это самая запоминающаяся поездка ... а купание со скатами...это нечто ...Сначала страшно — кто его знает, что у ската на уме. Потом интересно: мелькают они тихими молниями, цепляя длинными хвостами твои ноги, огромные самки держатся рядом с миниатюрными детишками, небольшие самцы гоняют вокруг, охраняя территорию... #caymanislands #travel #mscarmonia #goodvibes #happy #followme #model #georgetown #swimming #




Thank you Ian & @f45_training_caymanislands for the warm welcome & HITTIn us with a new Level HEAT🔥 . Moreese and the many locals that were always inviting and willing to welcome us in.🙏 . Thank you Rosie for opening my eyes to the humane society and the abundance of dogs looking for homes.🐶 #adoptdontshop #rescuewolfe! . George for the beach fresh cocunuts! 🥥 . Thank you Rosemary for the handcrafted bracelets📿 and words of wisdom #Youwokeuptoday, youdon’towntherighttocomplain. Zoe & @worldgymcayman for Opening up more Sun to my days.🙌☀️ #teamtrainning🔊 . Tanner and Mika for sacrificing their space, their sleep 😂and introducing me to a whole new way of Caribbean life.🐠🐟 🌴 #movies&masks😂 . Thank you OJ for the ✖️✖️functional fire, football frenzy🏈, and bro fueled life chats. 🏋🏾‍♂️ . Kurt for flight booking, ✈️Route finding and adding extra energy to our free spirited weekend.⛺️ . Nick for being a genuine stand up dude and going after your dream. 💯👊Check out his new line @345localphysique !! . Thank you Nick for lending us extra climbing gear and sharing the hidden BrAC gems.🤙👀🧗🏻‍♂️ . FOOTS👣for welcoming us into your wild & Free 🌏 Reminding us the true meaning of life. #sunyourbuns . Azeez for your wisdom of the body and looking after the boys. #Brocare #rockblade treatment. #worthit📍Check out his Physio!➡️ @zeephysio💯 . Thank you Bines for all the laughs and generosity with wheels 🚗 touring the island. . And all the rest of the beauties I met that made the trip one I’ll never forget🙌 . In the words of Foots. “Love, Laugh, Live your life.” . A gentle reminder, we need not always carry the light within, when we lean into the world around us our days may shine just as bright.💡


Малютки ❤️


#cacao #cacaotree





God’s handiwork ..


Hey @laciekaloni, do you know what time it is? It’s 5 O’clock somewhere.