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Miss my twin, miss Lolla, miss summer. Get me out of the LIBRARY!!¡!¡ 🤯🤯


Sabina’s final involved getting me new headshots. What is Columbia?


Take me back please🌬 #lollapalooza


2018 has taught me so many lessons, I’ve lived and I’ve learned. I’ve loss, I’ve earned I feel REBORN. New Energy, New Vibes. That’s to say the least 🌑✨🌑✨🌑✨- HBD #DWYD #DWYDSOUND #DWYDSZN #DOWHATYOUDESIRE #WYWS


An unpublished photograph from ten years ago tonight: President-elect Barack Obama with daughter Malia on election night in Chicago. I had spent a couple of years documenting his first two years (2005-2006) in the Senate and the first few months of his Presidential campaign in 2007 for the Chicago Tribune. But then I quit the Tribune to teach photojournalism at Ohio University and only covered a few campaign events in 2008. On November 4, 2008, I flew up to Chicago, and through tears, photographed the celebration. I remember a photographer-friend said to me that night, “I’m so glad I am alive to see this happen.” He, too, had tears in his eyes. And little did I know that just a couple of months later I would receive a phone call that would change my life.


Me laughing through all of the pain finals week is giving me


There ain’t no snow but we’re seeing Tchaikovsky’s 6th so


This will do!


Grant Park, the site of Obama’s 08 Victory Party. We didn’t know how good we had it...


If I sit here quietly and turn my face towards the sun, will summer come? #goldenretriever


Today is the day when everyone finds out whether or not they will be running the @chimarathon next year! Once I found out I got in last year I ate, slept and breathed the marathon for the following 10 months. The discipline that goes into training for a marathon changed my life and I am truly excited to take on the challenges that come with marathon training again. A fall marathon in 2019 is definitely something I’ve got my sights on but sadly, it will not be in Chicago. Congrats to all who got in this year and cherish all the miles that bring you there, this marathon will move you ❤️ #mychicagomarathon


Soft morning sunlight, Grant Park. Reprieve from #thegloom. . #chicago #chicagogrammers #chicagofriends #eyeinthechi #southloopchicago


Getting ready for his first half-marathon


Best city ever


Brilliant cold blue Sunday in Bear land