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163 lbs ➡️ 170lbs 4 months into bulking with 7lbs gained and I’m loving it. - I stopped giving an importance to the scale. It’s just numbers and it doesn’t define my results. I’m 170 lbs right now and going to gain more weight as I’m bulking and that’s not a problem 🤷🏾‍♀️. You shouldn’t be afraid of weight gain when you’re building muscles. Remember muscle weighs more than fat so yes you’ll get heavier on scale but a fit and healthy body doesn’t have to match a certain weight. Don’t mind what the scale says as long as you’re happy with your body 🙌🏾 - Ps: I’m not strict with my nutrition lately so my baby abs are kinda MIA. They only appear a little after my workouts


You aren't selfish for putting yourself first


Chase the vision not the money, the money will end up following you💸 -Tony Hseih


Still warm enough to wear a straw bag 💼 📷 @arianepoulin


We Made It To Canada 🇨🇦 💪🏽 #TeamJamaica 🇯🇲 #JAMnast


24 weeks 🤰🏽belly - Because this belly won't last forever 😺| Parce que ce bidon ne durera pas éternellement 🐭 📸 #pregnantandperfect #melaninonfleek


It's about time for another update. Sadly nothing too positive. I'm still flat on my back and still leaking; the headaches I get when I'm standing are brutal, and accompanied by hot tingling atop my scalp and intense pain and tightness in my neck and shoulders. I've learned this is due to sagging of the brain because of the low pressure from the leak. It's good to understand but more than slightly 😱 to think of. It's been a month since the procedure. I was told by doctors then that it's impossible not to heal from a lumbar puncture - but I've of course since found plenty of people who haven't. Thanks to a friend, I've joined a group for CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) leakers, and their stories are quite similar. Several have leaks from lumbar punctures or epidurals, and many have spontaneous leaks and found out they've got EDS or other connective tissue disorders that caused them to spring the leak. To my knowledge, I don't have any of those connective tissue issues, but after years of chronic pain my body certainly isn't healing like it used to. And as I was with police the night of the lumbar puncture, it definitely affects the issues around that area. Those who have been asking about a blood patch: I was refused one in NYC for valid reasons (will get into those eventually), but if this still isn't healed in another few weeks I'll need to seek additional medical intervention. CSF experts are mostly in USA, but there is a hospital in Toronto that is familiar with them. I'm hoping to avoid that if I can self heal. Unfortunately, once sealed or healed, leaks can "spring" in the same place with heavy lifting or twisting or strain. I've had to cancel my return to Oaxaca on 4 October, but who knows what this means for my life and work going forward. My parents have been wonderful and thankfully I am able to stay with them while trying to heal. I'm not really sure what else to say right now. I'm feeling scared, and I'm feeling bleak. Please send over your healing thoughts for my dura and spine. I wish I had some better news. Much love from Montreal, Jodi


Good vibes on this beautiful day! #Montreal #acoustic #guitar #singer #songwriter @guitaresboucher





LOOKING DIFFERENT IS OK 🤙turtleneck & tweed by @lauro_napoli


it's all part of my autumn almanac




Always stay dry #jlc #mtlmoments #rainyday


La lumière fut comme jesus qui dise 😇 #god #thanksgivingsenvient


So what!


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The grain 🌾 _ There is something magical about spending time in the woods. The ephemeral enchanting dance of it all. The movement of the birch trees as they circle clockwise, swaying and swinging freely. Witnessing the subtleties of elemental creation; the Earth, the Air, the Fire,the Water, hither and entice my soul to surge with intensity. Trust the grain you plant in the fertile soil of Autumn. Come the spring, it will blossom once more into dreams of being. _ #grain #poems #writersofinstagram #inspiration #pathofasoul #meditation #elements #being #autumn🍁 #naturephotography #montreal #selflove


I got myself a personal photographer 📸 . . . . . #mtl #mtlmoments #mtlstreet #weekend #fall #damntour #blackonblack #nike