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I will never understand what Nancy Morgan didn’t see in these mountains!! (scroll for it) . . . . The last photo was taken of a journal entry in a communal book where hikers were encouraged to reflect upon their impressions and thoughts while overlooking a lake.


I wanted to leave this post a few days as I’m not quite sure what to think or how to feel after the @eigerultratrail on the weekend. There has been (and still is) a lot playing on my mind and I’m trying to process things with a clear head. On one hand I’m incredibly frustrated that my recurring hamstring and lower back issues have sprung up again. I’ve been dealing with them since late March this year. It’s been off and on - several times I’ve felt like I’m 100% past it and moving freely, only to have it flare up again… And then on the other hand I’m happy for a couple of reasons… I went into Eiger with my focus being on my nutrition and trying to sort out my stomach cramps. The fantastic news is that my stomach was happy for the whole time I was out there and my energy levels were great throughout. My nutrition was on point for the first time since UTMB last year and it was awesome to get things right! I also descended how I used to… since my ankle surgery in early 2017 I think I’ve been a little tentative with downhills and favouring the non-operated ankle. This has meant descending with too much tension and carrying too much stress on downhills as I was worried about re-injuring myself. On Saturday I somewhat let go of those inhibitions and ran free and it was quite an awesome feeling. In saying that, it’s feeling a little bit like deja-vu with race reports in 2018. I’m really not too sure where to go from here. I’m a little over the sport I love so much if I’m completely honest. Ultramarathons are such dynamic events and they strip you down both physically and mentally. I feel like I’m in the best condition I have been in years but there are some recurring issues that are preventing me from being anywhere near my best. I’m going to take a couple of weeks pretty easy and get some treatment here in Chamonix and try to get these niggles sorted. I’m hoping that I can get them settled and then have a smooth build up to UTMB, a race I want to be my best at! Thank you to everyone for the messages of support, it really means a lot. And a special thanks to Liz, Sienna and Hopi for chasing me around and supporting me so much when things didn't go to plan 😊


I don't know if a finish line has ever meant so much. When I was released from the medical tent, I was in 100th place and hungry. I was under the delusion that top ten was still possible (even though I left that aid station two hours after tenth 😂) so I fought. I texted @addiedoesstuff to check my positioning and he was realistic with me; just get the finish he said. And I did, I got that finish and I've never been so proud. But I also managed to claw my way back to 14th place. What matters more is that I got to experience the course and the people in a way that I never get to as a competitor. Happy for new friends and a refreshed perspective on the gift of racing #timetoplay @salomonrunning @petzl_official @scienceinsport @sufferfestbeer @altredbysur


🌎 Get also inspired by: 📷 Picture by: @amir_asani13 ≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔ 📍Location: #Gindelwald - #Switzerland 🔎 Chosen by: @toinou1375 ≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔ #⃣ Tag your pictures with: #europe_vacations


Day 1 of 50 in Chamonix ⛰ — After a week in Grindelwald, I arrived in Chamonix today with some incredible memories of the Swiss alps (and a very sore body). Excited to get stuck into training and exploring more of this beautiful area, but for the next few days the focus is recovery. Easy hikes, swimming, foam rolling, plenty of sleep and good food. Who knows where all the vegan goodies are at in Chamonix? 📷 @maximiliangierlphotography


Finally,I'm here "Grindelwald"❤️ #พี่ตั้งใจนั่งรถไฟมา3ชั่วโมงครึ่งก็เพื่อมุมนี้ #มุมในGoogle #คุ้มจริงๆ




thumbs up for hiking up Eiger Mt👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


Last bit of Swiss spam #switzerland



Reminiscing Grindelwald. :) #seikomm300 #livealifeofdynamsm #glutawhitefoodsupplements


🇨🇭 인터라켄&그린델발트 스위스는 풍경이다해따👍패러글라이딩은 꼭 밥먹고 하는걸로~~


#그린델발트 에서 자전거 타기🚲 스위스에서 갑작스런 비에 두번째로 쫄딱 젖은날..🌧 그래도 바로 화창☉해져서 다행~.~ 풍경 눈호강 많이 하고 가는 #switzerland🇨🇭


دوما تردد انك تحبني وهل بمقدورك ان لا تفعل؟؟! اعلم اني شريانك نبض قلبك وحب العمر لكن احتاج من البراهين اكثر واكثر واكثر❤️🕊


스위스 마지막🇨🇭 그린델발트-피르스트 탈 때까지만 해도 좋았다... 비가 오기전까진 🌧 스위스에서 맞이하는 초복 메뉴🍗🍕 . . #스위스 #switzerland #grindelwald #first #riding