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İçim ürperiyor, Ya evde yoksan...😅👀 Vee aylar sonra biz Kolombiya’da buluştuk 👫 Güney Amerika kıtasını beraber geziyoruz artık. Bir sürü macera bizi bekliyor çok özlemişiz beraber seyahat etmeyi. Biraz oldu tabi geleli Yağmur’un kanalında ilk videomuz da var ✌🏻☺️ Ben yavaş yavaş da olsa Kore,Japonya videolarını sizinle paylaşacağım. Gezmekten oturup videolara bakamadım desem yeridir :) Şu ünlü caps’in olduğu yerden de size selam vereyim dedik 👋🏻☺️


Esta es la historia de Ferney, el soñador que quiere viajar de Guatapé a nuestro destino sorpresa con Alejandra Azcárate. Aquí te compartimos un poco de sus mejores momentos. MAÑANA sabremos quien viaja con @laazcarateoficial en esta temporada de #NosFuimos


Thinking about visiting Colombia? Here’s some tips: Make sure to visit Medellín. Parque Lleras is a great area to stay in if you want to be close to the action. While in Medellín, sign up for the graffiti walking tour and take a day trip to the colorful city of Guatapé where you can climb El Peñol Stone. It’s a hike to the top, but the view is worth the 750 step staircase it takes to get there. When you’re done exploring Medellín, head to Cartagena and get an Airbnb in the Old City. The beach is walking distance, but if you want crystal clear water, take a day trip to Playa Blanca beach on Baru Island. It’s filled with Afro-Colombians selling fishplates and giving banana boat rides. Also, there’s a lady there with a box braid up-do that will give you the best shoulder and neck massage for only 40,000 pesos. 🇨🇴


Colombia es tan colorida como llena de sabor y los viajeros alrededor del mundo lo saben. ¡Feliz fin de semana! #ColombiaEsSabrosura Foto vía @theblondetraveldiary Colombia is full of color and all the visitors around the world know it. Happy weekend. #ColombiaIsSabrosura


No es el lugar, son las personas que recuerdas cuando en el estás. ✈️


The Rock of Guatapé 🍃 Colombia. Video by @hiltondavila @maluveltze 🎶: “Mi Gente” by @jbalvin


Still posting photos from this colorful little town near the city of Medellin, Colombia. Had such a great time around here and the people were extremely friendly. . . Often in the smallest towns lives the happiest people, because they aren’t pushed by the masses of the modern world. Perspective.


Prove them wrong babe. 🥀