Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) Photos on Instagram

1 Terminal Dr Middletown, PA - Places nearby

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My traveling companion did great! We survived, heck we thrived on that challenge! 😂 Only a slight revolt at the last airport....


Don’t need a rental car! Found my #69 @harleydavidson at the airport in Pennsylvania #WilliamsGroveHM


My daddy is here!!!


Dan's first time on an airplane! He's not worried at all... #floridabound 🌴😁 @leinad_harris @livemoore


Great night in PA! So many leaders doing big things. #tlyaw #C4Project #cryptocurrency


My favorite sweater + pant combo this season!


3 years ago I took a summer job cleaning cars for Enterprise at the Harrisburg airport, not nce did I think about having a future within this company until i decided to apply for a position in management. Back in September I got hired as a Manager Trainee and spent 5 month at a branch location, last week i got moved back to where it all started at the airport. Without a doubt one of the most humbling experiences of my life getting to go come back and help make a difference. Huge thanks to my team at Paxton St for a great first 6 months, and also to everyone who was able to make this move to the airport possible. Words can't describe how excited I was to get the news of going back to the old stomping grounds!


Drowning in the river where my heart was once a quiver to the cupid in San Pedro, by the high cliffs near your lover's building


I Aint Got On No Damn Shades Im Still Not Seein Y’all 💯


Very clever tag! #notyours #baggageclaim


Airport artwork #mosaic #tile #art #airportart #killingtime


On display at the airport. Welcome to farm country! #tractor #airportdisplay


I haven't posted on social media in TEN days! Horror of all horrors. Nothing to worry about, stalkers. It's all good! And I do very much appreciate all the messages wondering exactly where I am and if everything is okay? Yep. All good. Truth be told, we are living on lean times on our farm. Any farmer in this day and age will sing the same chorus. It's rough, folks. It ain't easy making a living doing what ya love...and that includes our farming lifestyle. So...not only do I have a job with an airline that I adore with all my heart, I picked up another part time gig to try to make the ends meet. Thus, the lack of posts because I value sleep. No worries about the farm. Our punk kids have picked up the slack and a fine job they are doing. You will allow me a bragging moment, yes? Punk #3 and #4, Boo and Sarah have pretty much taken all farming chores as of late and dang gum, these two are just rockin' it. Who knew that these two little shits would make such fine farmers? Yes, WAY better farmers than Cranky and me. They take this shit seriously. So, I have been doing a concept that is foreign to me but a common daily process for most folks. I get up and I slug my ass to work. Ugh. I am simply not on the farm as much as I would like but...it is, what it is. I have a story to tell ya but that's my next post. This post...is just to clear the air and let you know that I'm here. I'm tired. Cranky is tired. I have conformed to the ways of the normal working world. Sort of. But I don't like it. P.S. The photo of my oldest punk? It's all I got. I took it as he flew back to Vermont this week to take his college finals. He previously flew home to do a bit of Pennsylvania hunting before settling in to study and write term papers. Look at that twit; looking all sauve, sophisticated and like he has the world in the palm of his hand. Which he does. I wish I was cool like him. #yeehawfarm #yeehawfarmpunks #makinendsmeet #gottadowhatyougottado #worldinthepalmofhishand



Hard to believe I won’t see this carpet again till next August. So long, PA!