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#aokijump #941. The Abandoned Mall Jump. Hawthorne Plaza Mall. Los Angeles CA. October 17, 2018


🔺GIVEAWAY🔺 The Jacobs ladder is like life, your always trying to climb the ladder of life. Constantly climbing over barriers. Remember to set your goals high but to take it one step at a time. Today I’m giving away a $100 gift card and @tc1gel bundle. Like & comment a goal you set for yourself or accomplished today. Tag your friends 💪🏽 Winner picked in 24 hours...and GO! Wearing: @bombshellsportswear Mohawk Set • • • • • • #bethebestyou #strongwomen #cardioday #cardio #fitnessgoals #girlswhotrain #strengthtraining #gymflow #fitnessmotivation #coreworkout #workouts #gymmotivation #fitnessjourney #hybridtraining #athlete #weightlossjourney #coretraining #climbing #workforit #jacobsladder #noexcuses #trainharder #strongissexy #pushpullgrind #progressnotperfection #coretraining #coreworkout


The day I met @adamcdevenport we created this. The natural chemistry between us is unreal. I am so thankful to be able to share such a burning passion with another human being. Big things to come, stay tuned. 😈 #Tempest #Tricking #Splits #Tumbling #Parkour #Chemistry #Athlete #California


I moonlight as an airport traffic cone ⚠️ I’ll make sure that you land your jet safely on the runway 🛩 . #VIP #trafficcone #BadAss


Calm Breeze 🎯


Raise the bar a little higher why don’t ya 👩🏻‍💻 ✨ 💪 • • • • • #bossbabe #girlboss #entrepreneur #bosslady #business #womeninbusiness #motivation #bhfyp


You’ll float too 🤡🎈 📸: @a_eddie1


@rcr35 full carbon fiber Overtake GTR


P3D on Unplugged Performance Coilovers with Brushed Black chrome delete and “Franz spec” wheels


Forgotten #airstream #beautyqueen 🕸


🔪 Scallop Bottom Cut 🐟 Scuba Hood Protection ⚠️ Reflector Drawstring & L Logo


𝐊𝐈𝐂𝐊𝐒 on site.


A good day to control yourself. Sending you an abundance of harmony, prosperity, love, joy, peace and Light : ) xoxo


Getting amped for our 2nd Annual Halloween show next Saturday!!! Enjoy this snippet of our brand new song "Electricity"..


The more you know that you know nothing, the more free you will be to experience the magic, miracles and blessings of this human experience. Release and let go of your perceptions, belief systems and knowledge in the knowing that they are merely illusions. Trust that the beauty of life exists in the unknown. Believe that you are loved and supported by your Angels, your loved ones and all of the Masters that have walked the face of this earth through this fascinating voyage. . ~ @ ~ @ ~ @ ~ @ ~ @ SURRENDER @~ @ ~ @ ~ @ ~ @ ~ @ Surrender your troubles, your worries, your problems and your challenges in the knowing that the Universe always provides. Surrender your dreams and goals, surrender your relationships, surrender your finances, surrender your health then surrender all you love in the knowing that you are always being guided. ~ @ ~ @ ~ @ ~ @ ~ @ SURRENDER @~ @ ~ @ ~ @ ~ @ ~ @ Now it's your responsibility to hold your self in highest self regard. After all, you are a child of the Universe! Love and light are your birthright!!! When you hold yourself in the highest self regard first, you hold our Creator in highest self regard first. Thy will be done. Stay out of your way to allow your dreams and goals to unfold onto your path. I look forward to guiding you in a one on one session, through my workshops and/or through my book. I love you. Goddess Gloria👑✨💫 ✨🌀✨ Sending you an abundance of awareness, clarity, and guiding light. 🌟💛✨


Tag a lunch buddy and take 20% off all hot wings! 🔥 FLAVORS INCLUDE: Lemon Pepper Smoked BBQ Aloha Zing* Hot & Wild*** Mango Habanero**** *level of spiciness 🌶 #WaikikiGrill #LunchDate #HotWings #MadeWithAloha


When I post quotes, words of wisdom, and inspiration, I typically have a lot to add. I want to give my interpretation, add another spin, and often times try to make a pun or use a metaphor- because that’s me. • ✨ But today, with this one, I don’t have much to say. Brene Brown said it all. I want a joyful life and I know you do too. And I’m guilty of chasing down extraordinary moments hoping that the light from these will light up my day, week, or month- and sometimes they do. But when I really take pause to think of what brings me joy most frequently, it’s the little things. • ✨ A fall morning, my favorite home cooked meal, a glass of wine with my boyfriend. These are my twinkle lights. • ✨ If you are in need of some extra time to discover yours, join us at the second Soul-Full Sunday series happening November 4th, from 12-2PM. • ✨ We’ll be crafting cornucopias, filling them with succulents, and using this lovely metaphor as a way to incorporate a gratitude practice into your every day life. • ✨ AND, because I’m all about helping other people feel the glow, this event is also a food drive, benefiting the Food Drive at LAX. For every $10 worth of food you bring, @commonspacela is offering a crowler to take or TWO full pours for the event. • ✨ Spots are limited so sign up soon! Registration closes October 28th. Visit link in bio to get tickets.


❤️// Slide over here and take a moment // Dancing today: Alice, Kimia, Ana and the adorable Bunnie // ❤️