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Felt great after this solid lower body day yesterday. Gearing up for training heading into the LA Fit expo! Squats, good mornings, and reverse hyper for the win.


“Form follows function “ the oblique opener is a great tool for 💥lower ab and ext oblique strength 💥 identifying diaphragm for breathing (witch recruits more oxygen) 💥bracing properly for any movement patterns 😊This exercise triggers the para sympathetic nervous system which means flow-awareness-control. So in any high stress environment relax the face and use this breathing technique 🙋‍♂️pro tip!! Do not use upper traps/lungs/chest 👍strengthening the lower abs and using them will allow you to hinge properly from the pelvis. 🤔The “6 pack” abs (above the belly button) are directly associated with the QL muscles AKA lower back. 👩‍🔬which means if you do not activate your low abs in any hip hinge or squat you will utilize your low back, which leads to lower back pain!


Fitness has taken me a long way and has been a way for me to connect with people that push me to do my best. • Just like many people I have my insecurities and flaws. Instead of hiding them and trying to rid them I have learned to embrace them and be the best version of myself. I am lucky enough to have found @headstrongfit and my mentor @robbymac35 . I am so thankful for the many opportunities and incredible people that have crossed my path. • Surround yourself with people who encourage you rather than put you down. Learn to love yourself and others for all that they are!


A wild gym rat has appeared!


Follow @projectteenhealth for 25 days of Fitness! 💪🏽🎄⭐️ #puppydogkisses 🐶😘


Collaboration 08/31/18 w/ @_madelinerose__ as we patiently hangout waiting for bae @t_stick1 to come back 😩 • Don’t worry Tanbae, Maddie is teaching me how to get big so I can fend off these man hoes that are trynna holla-atchya-girl. Although I may never be as big as her, I’m totally down to help you guys become fitness models when you guys retire. Also, I’m glad that you’ve allowed Matt’s Hairline to name your future son and daughter Boomer and Lily just so they can grow up with the nicknames Boom Stick and Lil Stick 💥 We love and miss you, and we’re proud of you brotha 😭💓 • #maddiegetsyuge • 📸 @jaclerma


~rare~ occasion of me smiling at the gym


So damm proud of you mama! Gettin after it! Warms my heart seeing this. Thank you so much @jennaalexandramiller and @califurever for getting mom into fighting shape!! #momfit #headstrongfam #slofitness #strongwomen


Wow! Had an amazing time tonight at @7hejohn yoga class. Texas holds amazing stretching and re adjustment classes every Monday at 8pm. Direct message him for more info 🇺🇸


One week into our 25 days of fitness challenge and our 7th exercise is the inch worm! This is a plank variation you can look up in our #planksgiving videos! Swipe ➡️➡️to see a demonstration of how your workout should look today! . 7 inchworms 6 broad jumps 5 burpees 4 planks for 20 sec 3 sets of 10 crunches 2 rounds of 30 jumping Jack's 1 minute of stretching! . #workout #25daysoffitness #fitness #fitchallenge #pthfitnesschallenge #pth #projectteenhealth #sweateveryday


Wow. I really got my a$$ handed to me today at @headstrongfit


I love the way my Strength Coach @robbymac35 smiles when you know he’s about to kick your ass #headstrongenduranceteam @headstrongfit #lovelyday #emom @raceslo #coachlove #fierceatfifty