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Will be back in November🇫🇮 U20日本代表フィンランド遠征終了 #2000年組 #ちょーち&たいき


Sisko ja sen veli ❤️❤️WKND @sarapuhakka @joonapuhakka #wknd #wknd18


Hoy toca gris 😏 Extenciones @ragazzaextensiones


ALL FOR LOVE are platinum awarded in Finland!! And 40. Million streams om Spotify!! We are so happy, kiiiitos ❤️🇫🇮


🇫🇮 🇪🇪 🇮🇹 🇪🇸 // @oliverheldens


Immeasurable . You have been so kind to me this last week. You’ve encouraged me, and brought me comfort. Thank you 🙏🏼 . Off the shores of Helsinki Finland, there are dozens of little islands. These birds in particular, had such a nice relationship. The adult was patient and kind, and the baby just loved her to death. I know birds don’t love, just go with it, haha. . It reminds me of my youngest years, while my mom was still well, which is both nice and painful to remember. But more importantly, it reminded me that I’m an adult, and I can be there for others (the way I’ve been there for some of you, and the way some of you have been there for me). . You have reminded me of simple love, where nothing but pure intention is involved in the kindness. Our world today makes it difficult to share that kind of compassion. But it’s more needed than ever. . I’m reminded of the Chinese girl who gave me a pillow when I needed sleep on the London airport floor (she left without it). And the military kid who wanted/needed to sit kind of back-to-back with me for him to get some sleep. I’m not sure what he went through, but it was apparent he was struggling. . There’s usually no fix for pain, but we can always be a pillow or a shoulder for others. Many of you have been there for me when times have gotten tough, and I can’t thank you enough. . The best I can currently do is tell you how grateful, honored, and humbled I am. The old loving kindness I used to know so well, is not gone in the world. You are proof of that. And for showing me that, I am immeasurably thankful! . Come hell or high water, I want you to know that I’ll always share a pillow or a shoulder with you also. Because like these birds, we have something unique here. Some of you will be lifelong friends, I’m sure, regardless of how much distance is between us. . We live in a time of global citizenship, where community is a click away. Perhaps it’s better to be next to someone, but sometimes the people who most closely identify with you live half way around the world. But what else can be done? I accept the times we live in, and I’m thankful for supportive friends. . You are loved! . #sparrowslife #nature #travel


I’ve had the pleasure of designing a logo for @bak.quartet , and you can see it here patched up onto a balaclava. Feel free to get in touch for design work/ collaborations anytime. Always happy to discuss ideas. #jazz #sigil #ritual


We get high on life till the day we die 🎶 #WKND


cuando zoom in y zoom out no eran una posibilidad ~ capturas d estudio y residencia del arq y diseñador finlandés d piernas largas ~ Alvar Aalto, placer!!




🌲 island hopping 🛥🛥🛥Before I moved to Helsinki I thought it was just a city within a country. I didn’t realise it was made up of hundreds of little islands 🤷‍♀️ . Today we took a boat trip around the archipelago (including the tiny island we live on) and saw the Finns’ summer houses on remote islands you can only reach by boat with no WiFi or electricity just trees and lakes ... so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️ . If anyone was wondering if they should visit Helsinki I absolutely say yes! It’s simply stunning ❤️ and you can stay with us! 👍🏻 . #beautifulhelsinki #boattrip #nature #islands #family #expatmama #finland #bankholiday #fridayfeels #friyay #kulosaari #suomelinna #santahamina #vallisaari #vartiosaari #jollas #icebreakers #sauna #visithelsinki