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Dreamin casually ☁️


Seriously one of the most fun photo shoots I’ve ever done. You meet a lot of people from all over, but this is a SOLID group of amazing souls! • • • Side note: I found out after @avaline2500 and I got engaged he was planning the proposal during this time :) and @face_it_sugar the hair and makeup artist for this shoot did my hair and makeup for the proposal AND they will be doing everyone’s hair and makeup for our real wedding 😍❤️😭 & @brandonmoshenkoo is going to be our DJ! I’m so thankful to all the friends we’ve met along the way and that they will be with us for our special day!! ❤️❤️ • • • #trevorandyasmina


Wow day


my watch is stuck on rave o’clock! made this on the plane back from amsterdam mad sleep deprived. did I tell you I made it to the finalists to compete in the beat battle at @goldieawards NYC? wassuuuupppp! gonna be pulling out the trixxx for that one


IS THIS REALLY REAL?! Yes girl. Exclusive colored vinyl through @vinylmeplease will be available 10/19. Come see me live LOS ANGELES 10/19 (link in bio) and NEW YORK 10/23 Rough Trade followed by a meet and greet. I MADE THAT, SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO HEAR IT!



@stirred_not_shaken from @sonnyshideaway makes a perfect fall cocktail with delicious fall flavors. (Wait for it). This is “Equinox” Maison Rouge cognac Glogg Butternut squash Lemon Nutmeg #TooMuchFun #ILoveAsmartass #😂 #cheers #highlandpark




Contrary to what Instagram shows most of my time is spent working alone either at a cafe or home. So it’s always so nice when I get to spend time with my favorite gals. Luckily this week I was able to squeeze in two days with these two. 😍 @abbypendergrast @bkmphotography.la #freelancelife #weddingbesties #eastsidelove


Join us this Saturday for the official @maraconnor ‘No Fun’ video premiere party @highlandparkbowl + live performance & special guest appearances. @gabriellemarie___ and I will be playing records before, after and in-between. 🎧🎶✌🏻


We’re throwin’ a shindig this Sunday the 21st 8 to late @blindbarber feat. DJ sets from @ekozumusic @nolangray_ @customercervix @rickytempo and an extra special guest not to be missed. Plus, @triniti.la will be serving up some treats for early arrivals, and there will be some fun late night giveaways for the night owls. Come out, show us your love, dance with friends, and imbibe delicious cocktails!


#slowentrepreneur | Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be covering a #slowentrepreneur core value that’s near and dear to my heart: MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH ARE NOT OPTIONAL. . Your body is the engine that keeps your business running. Without it, the whole machine collapses. And yet, our health is often one of the first things to be sacrificed when our responsibilities become too overwhelming! The year I launched CANOPY is the year my insomnia began. Stress-related, no doubt! And while I’ve put measures in place to successfully abate the issue, it’s a problem that continues to persist today, if I don’t keep my work-life boundaries intact. . And I know I’m not the only one who suffers from stress-related health issues. I’ve sat in many somber conversations with peers who have revealed their struggle with debilitating chronic pain, and it’s just so sad to me that our culture seems to shrug-off work induced stress with a “Whelp, what can you do?” -type attitude. Here’s what you can do. Determine, today, that your success will never come at the sacrifice of your mental or physical wellbeing. Understand that your body is the engine that keeps your business running, and, just like any manufacturer would schedule regular equipment maintenance to ensure the health of her/his production line, put measures in-place to ensure YOUR health is maintained, even on the busiest of days. . Managing a little stress for a day might seem innocuous. But compounded over time, could eventually lead to serious issues. So set aside a little time today to nurture your machine, and avoid spending a lot of time (and money!) fixing the issue tomorrow. Start a meditation practice. Start a wind-down routine. Start by turning-off your device for several hours a day. Simply start somewhere.


You can always tell when your dog doesn’t feel well, just got out of the vet, Rambo has a bad cold and ear allergies and a fever 🤦‍♀️


90042 Coaches Jacket Now Available! Limited Stock #saturdaysfootball #alwaysplayfree


Si te invito a una copa Y me acerco a tu boca Si te robo un besito A ver, ¿te enojas conmigo? 🌹


Old #Jamaica #vintagetshirt


Out of the funk and into the fire🔥 My brain and I aren't exactly friends, but we're working on it 😊👍