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If thats not a happy-face I don't know what is 😁 #losangeles #efmoments #efsandiego


Had a blast with my gorgeous fiancé last night at the @fashionnova @iamcardib launch party 🤩 Arriba los LATINOS 🇩🇴 @fashionnovamen #fnxcardi #LIT


I’m responding to every single comment on my latest video upload on both triller and tiktok today. Soo..let’s go have a convo 🌗 (my @ on both is grace_auten)


No wishes, no hopes. Just targets and to-do lists. 2019 ready. What are your targets for 2019?


Didn’t give up designer, just found a way to support #CircularFashion 🙌 Obsessing over my #vintage @fendi 🎀 #thrifted #vintagefashion #fendi


Siamo sinceri chi non l'ha mai chiesto due tiri!😂 Che aspetti vieni a unire sul nostro gruppo di Whatsapp link nel mio profilo!🤑 Non dimenticarti di seguirci per altre meme del genere!🔥@los_illegali🔥 Seguitemi nel mio profilo privato @hendrixsz11🤗 Tagga i tuoi amici per aiutarci a crescere💣


Thank you @iamcardib x @fashionnova for having me at your #FnxCardi Launch💗 The night was definitely one to remember🙌 #ayonatheartist #fashionnova #cardib


Swipe to the last photo for a surprise haha! Such a fun and intimate interview with @kalinwhite


Fresh OJ does the body good. Follow our new page @VJAllure - Reposted by @JesseChao . . . . . . . . . . . . . #instabeauty #girl #hot #beautiful #woman #model #selfie #cute #dress #blonde #brunette #babe #fit #club #perfect #shoutout . Photo Credit: @popstantot


They say the best way to predict the future is to create it. ✨I got to spend some quality time with @hommydiaz - one of the Senior Designers at @kswiss over the week. I got to know a bit more about his experience in the trade, and how he got to the place his is now in the company. We talked a lot about the intricate vision for a heritage company making a comeback. Hommy gave me a ton of perspective on our history, our future and the lineage bringing this timeline together as a holistic and progressive vision. 🙏 . . . This conversation got me back to thinking about my initial statement. Just like the art a designer creates, our thoughts and actions are no different. Manifesting a life we love takes a vision, a belief in something and a lot of hard work. As Hommy reminded me, it took years to get to where we are as a brand in progressive transformation. It’s a long, patient and nurtured process. It’s incredible to be a part of something magical happening. I will keep repeating myself - first and foremost it starts off with a collective of humans with enormous passion and kind hearts. ✌️ . . If you want to give some love to the guy who makes your 👟- here’s you are. . . P.S. @hommydiaz - you do realize my son Malcolm is now in awe of you. 😎 #Kswiss #kswisscanada #worklove


Has it really been 15 years since Keira Knightley first played Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl? #piratesofthecaribbean #strongfemalelead #keiraknightley #2000s #15yearsago


@itsmariemonti turning heads in @leannemarshallofficial Zenith Gown 🖤💫✨


Lash Selfie 🤳🏼 ✨STYLE: Cat Eye ✨CURL: DD ✨THICKNESS: .10 ✨LASH TYPE: Vegan Luxury Silk ✨LENGTHS: 17-> 16-> 15-> 14->12


bikes brought all these bonds together🙌🏽 #bikesbringbonds #bikesupgunsdown


Long live the weekend


Make sure you’re happy in real life, and not just for the internet. 📷 Zion @lennii.trav


I love you so much #babybrother