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Added a little black girl magic to Hollywood | 📸 - @fayyebae


Birthday Girl 💐🎂🥂


I had a fantasy since i was 7 years old of climbing on top of Hollywood sign, it’s a random dream but still every time I was upset I imagined escaping and sitting on top and looking over city... back then I never left my hometown in Slovakia and there was no way of me actually making this ever happen... It’s so funny how life happens but I believe that everything is possible 😊 It was such a special day and I hope you had an amazing too 💕


#Repost @bizkitbnb with @get_repost ・・・ Green🦅🌳💨🤣🎷 #420 #buttanbizkit #producerlife 👕:@burningguitars 📸: @chef.chris_mont


RHCP - Dani California thx for video @camilla.gai 🤘🏼 под РХЧП нельзя было не подергаться, все же моя первая татуировка именно с их символом. Как сказал Кидис, это жопа ангела, а точнее любовь #la #lamodel #actress #rhcp #smile #happy #hollywood #dance #rock #calimodel #acting #act #video #tvc #rockdub #musicdubovitz #rockdubksu #losangeles #redhotchilipeppers #rockdubk


🎵 bye bye hollywoods hills im gonna miss you where ever i go..⛰ o víkendu nové video!😅 btw. im gonna come back to walk those streets again!🇺🇸


I have a small obsession with doing things I was told I wasn’t going to be able to do, and going to places I was told I’ll never get to ⭐️


Today is going really well thanks to the “two candle-four frog” ritual I did last night. Extra power was generated by putting one of the frogs on the head of Jesus. This ancient ritual was passed down from the ether about 1.892e+8 seconds ago and now I am passing it along to you :-) #ritual #occult #kermit #frog #candles #thelema #ribbit


Dia de Los Angeles, Beverly Hills e Santa Mônica! . Muito feliz em conhecer a clínica do topíssimo @simonourianmd1 - Dermatologista das Kardashians e outras celebridades americanas! . E mais um por do sol maravilhoso na Califórnia!!!! . Está acabado! Amanhã é último dia! Semana que vem volto aos atendimentos com muitas novidades para vocês!!!! . Já estou com saudades do consultório!!!!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 . #hollywood #beverlyhills #santamonica #pier #california #califa #AAD #novidades #dermatologia #dermatology #instadermato #cuidebemdasuapele


🇺🇸 Los Angeles, USA I miss my long hair, a good clique to go sightseeing with and sunny days (can’t believe BNE is raining rn) #hollywoodsign #exploretheglobe


found her!


the city of angels


“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”...... Happy Friday..... #cheerstotheweekend


Hiking today🌞 #LA #hollywoodsign #hiking #엘에이 #하이킹 #나란여행기


we did not come prepared at all for the hollywood hike, apparently you can only pay for parking with credit ☹️ but theres free parking before 12 !’ and they told us not to pay 😬tina rlly wanted to give up but we made it!! make sure to bring water and eat breakfast not like us! we ate 3lbs of tangerines tho!!!


Hiked our way to the Hollywood sign the other day - yet another crazy view⛰✨


😉 🔝 . . . . . Do you like hiking? :: I didn’t even know I was a fan of hiking until I hiked up to the Hollywood sign! :: Do you guys have a favorite hike? Share it with me so I won’t miss it when I’m visiting that place! . . . . Credits: @kristinacrown


Always dreaming about ‘somewhere else✨