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Just a couple of bitches at the beach 🌊


Missing perfect PNW days on the coast while suffering through London’s heat wave ☀️🧢 #homesick


grover, still wondering why i didn’t let him eat jellyfish


So @_sarah_hawkins did this amazing gram about #femalefilmmakerfriday and #fridayintroductions, and I loved it so much I decided to make my own 1) I’ve been acting since grade school, officially and unofficially for years. In college I finally admitted to myself that I wanted to make a career out of it. 2) I’ve been blessed to be a part of so many lovely independent projects, most recently being @cascadiamythos (this is a photo from that set, taken by our producer, Raven Woods.) 3) I’m also a writer of novels, short stories, poems, and webplays. 4) I’m also producing two of those webplays. One you can find at my bio #carpocalypse2018. The other is in development and hopefully I’ll have more news for you soon! You can always find more news about my #producerlife at @cooperpennyfilms 5) I couldn’t post this without mentioning the lady powerhouses here in Portland: @siriuslypix @serahanne1 @patient_zero_pdx @ntimpani to name a few. You all inspire me on a daily basis. Keep rocking it!


mini manzanita vacay before rotations start on monday.


Enjoying the insane beauty of the Oregon coast! 😍😍😍


11 years of love and adventures with this man. Can’t wait for the 11 and more to come 🧡 I love you @guillaume.gruber ! 📸 @kaylasprint


Exploring beaching today. 😎🦄🤙🏼🌿🌊 #oregoncoast #soloadventures


A taste of this past weekend’s Wild Sea Edibles class 🎣🦀🍴✨We spent Saturday and Sunday on the Oregon Coast, digging, foraging, harvesting and fishing while learning about each discovered specimen the ocean has to offer our region. Clams, mussels, barnacles, perch and so many species of seaweed made for an incredible meal. These two classes certainly earned their lunch! Grateful to live in such a wondrous place. (Photos: @portablesera)



Low tide = "secret beach"


❤️Love & Peace💙 #hugpointstatepark #oregon #loveandpeace


🌞 day to explore more of the #oregoncoast at #hugpointbeach