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Let the festivities begin! @pacificairshow here we goooooooo! Remember if you plan to come to the show this weekend, exercise patience and good neighborly behavior when parking and traveling to the event. There will be a lot (a LOT) of people visiting our city this weekend, so let’s be safe and enjoy this fabulous show! #hbpd #pacificairshow #sunnyday #getdownhere #benice #havepatience


Answering all #questions on this post. Go!


I was almost hysterical in the greeting card aisle yesterday as I snuck away to buy @blakelapides his birthday cards. One from me, one from @lolatheminiaussie and one from Otis. This photo sums it all up. You have become the most incredible father and I can’t wait to celebrate with our little family. Happy Birthday Blake 🖤 #dad #family #eatsleepwear #otislapides


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I love adding our protein @rebeccalouisenutrition into smoothie bowls to feed my body for the day! 💛🌱 pic by @purelykaylie


My heart has never compelled me to be anywhere other than where I am right now. But I fell in love with California. And I’m finally ready to go where my soul shines and my heart is happy. ☀️ . . . . #travel #happiness #crushfit #baddaysbuildbetterdays #health #fitness #sunshine


a little mama with all her babies 🤗 perhaps a glimpse into my future? Jesse’s mom gave her $3 while I was at work and when they picked me up she said “mommy! I have money for you! you can buy a burrito!” um, yes please! she knows the way to my heart 🌯 then we went to target and she decided to use that $3 to buy a toy 😏 and not any of the $3 toys I pointed out, her heart was set on this doll car seat and it hasn’t left her side since 😂 dress @clementineclotherie


Love every moment of this life. Every day you spend sad you will wish you gave into the happiness you know you deserve. I know it’s easy to get down & believe you’re stuck in a groove that’s impossible to undo. Remembering that you have family & friends that love you & that being there for them is more important than being upset about the simple things, will help you get over those little things that aggravate you. So you can focus on what matters. original pc: @ogjayp (WYA WE NEED TO SHOOT ASAP BTW) | edits by me 🌊


Wanna help me with this one? I’d love to hear from you! 2019 races/adventures are rolling in and although I’d LOVE to do them all, it’s simply not wise. Deciding is tricky. Putting together a year long calendar takes a lot of thought, strategy, and disciplined focus. I’ve got BIG goals for 2019 and one of them is meeting YOU- which means traveling to new places. Currently sifting through these places: New Zealand Spain Italy Japan Wales Alaska Colorado *********************** These are a mix of ultramarathons, stage races, and adventure/experiences. ************************** Let me hear 👂🏻YOUR TOP 3👌


Aquele amigo que já te salvou de uma dessa! @sergiocunhamma @jcpicapau @pelefight That friend that had saved you from one of those. @jcpicapau @sergiocunhamma @pelefight


Huntington Beach PD with the breast cancer awareness vehicle! @huntington_beach_police #HBPD