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Uma foto nossa juntos nesse lugar para sempre que a virmos, lembrarmos desse momento que estamos vivendo! ♥️👫


🇷🇺 Исландская лошадь , это единственная порода лошадей, которая существует сегодня в Исландии. Согласно закону этой страны, в неё нельзя ввозить лошадей никаких других пород. И даже если исландская лошадь однажды была вывезена за пределы своей родины, ей нельзя вернуться назад. Эти небольшие лошади, достигающие не более 142 см в высоту, по размерам напоминают пони. Впрочем, весит исландская лошадь больше неё – 330-380 кг. Лошади этой породы могут иметь самый разный окрас. Так, в исландском языке существует более ста названий окрасов и цветовых сочетаний породы! Несмотря на то что исландская лошадь отличается большой выносливостью и силой, её не объезжают, пока ей не исполнится четыре года. А наиболее продуктивным у этих лошадей считается период с 8 до 18 лет. Тем не менее даже в 20 лет исландские лошади остаются не менее сильными. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ К слову, рекордный возраст, до которого когда-либо доживала исландская лошадь, составляет 56 лет. Поскольку исландские лошади более 1000 лет живут в изоляции от других пород, для них не характерны никакие заболевания, кроме разве что паразитов некоторых видов. Причем, для того, чтобы исключить любую возможность заражения лошадей, в законодательстве Исландии также прописано, чтобы все ввозимое снаряжение для езды на лошадях и ухода за ними было новым или тщательно продезинфицированным. В результате этого местные лошади не имеют иммунитета к болезням, и вспышка любой болезни на острове может оказаться губительной для всего населения лошадей. ⠀⠀


"We travel not to escape life. But for life not escape us."✨ 📷: @landscape_photography_iceland Very inspired by Sir Páll Jökull's photography work. When we were on his tour, he taught me some landscape photography tips. I was really thankful because normally I learn on my own. And for someone who's been doing his craft for decades, sharing his knowledge to me was really heartwarming! 😌 #iceland


Black mirror. Photo by @sebastienclosuit! #MyStopover


“Your time to shine is coming. Put your energy and attention on how you can improve and get better as a person. Invest your time in your own growth. Everyone has their own timing. You might see someone who has everything, but you might not know how much of how long it took for them to get to where they are. Never compare yourself or judge others. Never be jealous or envious of what others have. Everything has a way of working out for those who are ready to receive great blessings. There’s no shortage of abundance and everyone has the opportunity to succeed and win at what they love to do. Things are about to start happening for you because you are currently doing the work. Some are in the planting of the seed stage, some are trying to figure out what they even want out plant, and others are waiting for the fruition of the seed that they’ve planted. Everyone is at a different stage doing what’s best for them at this particular time. Don't let worry, fear, and anxiety make you overthink and dig up what you've planted just to see if its growing. This is why we have to learn to respect and honor the process. When it comes to our goals and our dreams, we expect things to happen right away. And when they don’t show up in the timeline that we want or the way that we expect, our doubts and limiting beliefs come into play. Our negative mind chatter creeps up and starts blurring our vision. You have to believing that life is perfect, and timing is life's best friend. Trust the process, and have faith in the unseen. The minute you decide on a goal or have a strong vision in what it is you want to accomplish, the energy starts moving through you, and begins the work. Everything is in fruition! Keep nurturing your vision and believing that things will begin to happen for you. It will be your turn soon. Your season is coming. Keep focusing and concentrating on manifesting your best reality.” - @idillionaire 📸 @benjaminhardman Comment ‘Yes’ if you’re READY for your SEASON! Tag someone to inspire ✨🙏✨ #vybesource


Deep diving in the blue. #icelandglaciers


As someone who spends the majority of his time in cities across the globe, I still don't know why, exactly, but I do think people can have a spiritual connection to landscape, and I certainly did in Iceland.⁣ ⁣ Now winter is coming. The time for reflection, good food and friends and talks beside the fireplace. It’s time for home, wherever the heart is. Next up: NYC again in December. As we are planning a meet&greet, my birthday, Christmas and New Year’s tips are most welcome. ⁣ ⁣ Outfit Heather Grey by @fashionnovamen#fashionnova #fashionnovamen #iceland #northernlights #icelandic #landscape #spiritual #connection #icelandscape #nyc


This is fairytale!


Aus dem schönsten Ort der Welt 💓 fernweh....von Jens Homann...bea von mir. #feuchterfurz #chaosisi #nippelfressenkinder #iceland


Grár laugardagur. 😞