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It could be laziness, but I’d like to think it’s self love...the fact that I feel completely comfortable sharing a bare face with all of you. Just want you all to know you’re beautiful, done up or dressed down. Love all ya wrinkles and acne scars and wonky eyebrow hairs. #iceland #icelandtravel 📸 @rachelantigua


📍Diamond Beach 💎 A strip of blacksand with some of the icebergs from the Jökulsàrlón glacier lagoon. Coat: #HMPhilippines @hm | boots: @aigleph #AiglePH #DiamondBeach #Iceland #Blacksand


The Rainbow Road in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, was painted to celebrate Gay Pride, and is now a permanent feature of the town! #culturetrip . . Thanks @nicholas_esposito for this wonderful photo. Tag us if you'd like to be featured on this page.


Black beach in Iceland 🖤


Nordic Championchip 🥈 . Kroppen har hele tiden føles bra, og jeg meldte om PR! Denne gangen kom den i knebøy. Perset med 10kg og fikk endelig 100kg på stangen 💥 I benkpress fikk jeg opp 75kg, som er min gamle pers, men 2,5kg mere enn EM fra August. Måtte gå noen runder med meg selv i dag før jeg innså at jeg egentlig skal være veldig fornøyd 😀 I markløft fikk jeg opp 142,5kg. Gikk all inn å satset 150kg på siste løftet, men det var noe som ikke stemte helt. Den skal jeg få analysert på video senere! Jeg endte opp med en total på 317,5kg 😀 Jeg er super fornøyd! Og tusen takk til @jah_1986 - programmet har funka gull og jeg gleder meg til treningen frem mot NM 💪🏼 @norwaypowerlifting #teamnorway


Empieza el spam de la cámara, me aguantan un tantito más jiji 🤷🏻‍♀️🐀🔪


Blue Lagoon 🇮🇸 Fun fact there's snow now up in the mountains in my fjord 😊❄⛄


Wishing I was in iceland right now but instead I’m sitting at my desk least I have The Office playing 😅


Swipe left to see the beauty of Iceland! The rest of my photos are all posted on my travel page @jailynetravels I truly fell in love with this place! I just wish I would’ve got to see the northern lights but I missed them by a few days. I’ve heard Norway is a good place to see them as well, maybe I’ll go there. #outfit @fashionnova #iceland #waterfalls #jailynetravels


Tonight, the odds were in our favour. As we were driving back to our Airbnb after dinner, we missed a turn on our Google map and had to re route. The connection was not good and the street names were difficult to read, Andy and I were both tired and was close to getting into an argument but then the heavens unexpectedly decided to throw colors, put on the greatest light show on earth and the sky gracefully danced. We were in awe. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. 😍😍😍 (📷 @ataylor360 ) #iceland #theadventuresoftin #luckyfirstnight


아이슬란드 사진을 함부로 올리지 못하는 이유는... 눈으로 담아낸 그 풍경과 일치하는 사진이 하나도 없어서...... . . . . . #iphone #apple #iphone6s #풍경 #세계일주 #세계여행 #유디니 #여행에미치다 #europe #스카이스캐너 #세계여행 #유럽여행 #유럽 #travel #풍경 #일상 #landscape #scenery #visualembassadors #city_features #아이슬란드 #레이캬비크 #reykjavik #fatalframes #ExploreOurEarth #iceland


Saw all the fosses [waterfalls] today!


AURORA were dancing tonight.. Just spectacular 🤩😁 #arcticadventures #auroraborealis #sonyxz2premium #nature




Not gonna lie this city looks great at night