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@amandacolemanpdx and I did a thing last week! We even booked our next flight with @iflyus with our rad instructor, Tyler! It was such an amazing experience! What was even cooler is @lukeaikins was there with his kids! In case you don’t know who that is, he’s the dude that skydived into a danged net! From a plane! In the sky! He also did stunts for #IronMan3 I didn’t wanna bother him with a picture or anything because he’s there with his family, but it was still cool to see him! I can’t wait to go back!! #Skydive #TrainingForTheRealDeal


#ifly @iflyseattle


Funny thing, no one really thinks of the training needed to actually become Superman. Start small and just get used to the flying. Has a blast starting our life with some random adventures with @lindsyzarei! #ifly #indoorskydiving #herotraining


Today, I learned to fly. #iflyseattle #IndiaANTM


Look ma, no gravity 💨 #iFly #indoorskydiving #jackimflying


happy birthday mum, i love you so much. you’re literally the best mum ever. thank you for all of what you do for me, i really don’t deserve it. you’ve taught me so many things, including school work as you are my teacher. and as i know, the best teacher out there. i hope you have a really great day, i love you.




So this just happened #ifly #iflyseattle


We're basically professional skydivers now


⚡️Spread your wings and skydive at iFly with SEAC! Sign up using our link in the bio! ⚡️ . . . . . . #iFly #ibelieveicanfly #indoorskydiving #skydiving #seac #seattleu #seattleuniversity


Yanna's a "5-jump chump" now. 😁💕 Brings back memories... #airborneschool #fortbenning


Baby girl takes flight ❤️ #ifly #happybirthday #grandmasgirl